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The Football season begins tonight with the Bills facing off against the reigning Champion Rams. And that means your Fantasy Season begins as well. Need last-minute advice on who to play in week 1? Are you still trying to set your lineup? Well, ESPN’s Eric Karabell joined us to answer all of our, and your, burning Fantasy questions ahead of the week 1 set of games. He joins us every Thursday ahead of the week’s action.

His Thoughts on Jalen Hurts and other Eagles Fantasy Value

“They gave him another WR. So we have Jalen Hurts ranked in our top 5 among quarterbacks. And again, it’s not only for the passing. It’s for the running ability. It’s for the TDs, the rushing yards. Hurts is a great play. AJ Brown is a great play. Devonta Smith is a great play. Dallas Goedert is a great play. At RB I would be careful here. I think it’s a timeshare. Miles Sanders is definitely motivated, but he hasn’t been healthy in months. So be careful about Miles Sanders. But the rest of the Eagles’ offense, they are going to score 35 pts.”

Later He Expanded on How Much He Likes Devonta Smith

“I think Devonta Smith is going to have a monster season. Almost on par with AJ Brown. With targets, with touchdowns, with everything. I mean I know we have AJ Brown as a top 10 guy, but I think it’s going to be more like 15 and 18.”

But he answered many more questions. And every Thursday if you send us your Fantasy Questions, he may answer them for you. You can listen to the full segment below.