This could be a huge year for Mailata! The former Rugby star is looking to cement himself as the LT for the Eagles for the next decade

Last season the Eagles ushered in the Jordan Mailata era! The former 7th round pick who had only played football for about a year developed under Jeff Stoutland into one of the best left tackles in football. He was rewarded last season with a 4 year contract extension for $64 million dollars. At the time it was a risk because Mailata showed a ton of promise but wasnt a sure thing.

Now, its considered the biggest bargain contract in the NFL. Pro Football Focus voted Mailata’s 4 year deal as the best contract in the NFL. Here is the reasoning PFF gave for the decision

Mailata earned an 87.4 overall grade with an 83.3 pass-blocking grade and 87.8 run-blocking grade, a true dancing bear with tremendous footwork for his size and lack of experience. Mailata already generated the second-most Wins Above Replacement among all tackles in 2021, behind only San Francisco 49ers tackle Trent Williams, and there’s still more room for him to grow.

Now we all know how to use Pro Football Focus. When it benefits your argument you use it! When it goes against your argument you quickly remind people that its crappy info. But this is another feather in the cap of Howie Roseman.

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The other Eagles contract that was on the list was another player that Howie Roseman extended last season; Dallas Goedert. Goedert was extended at 4 years, $57 and it was ranked as the 31st biggest bargain in the NFL. Howie has never been scared to extend young talent as he extended 4 out of his 5 draft picks from the 2018 draft class. So credit to Howie!