Where To Score A Free Pretzel On National Pretzel Day

The Philly Pretzel

Philadelphia is famous for many culinary delights, and one of its most beloved snacks is the pretzel. This salty snack has been a staple of Philadelphia culture for over 150 years, and it’s easy to see why – with its crispy exterior and soft interior, the Philly pretzel is hard to resist. In addition to being a tasty snack, pretzels also hold a special place in Philadelphia’s culture and history. Philadelphia is home to numerous bakeries and vendors selling pretzels on nearly every street corner. They are often served at social events, such as weddings and sporting events, and are even considered a symbol of the city.

One of the reasons why pretzels are so beloved in Philadelphia is their versatility. Philadelphia pretzels are not just any ordinary pretzels – they have a unique flavor and texture that sets them apart from pretzels made in other parts of the country. They can be eaten as a snack on their own, but they can also be used in various other dishes. For example, pretzel rolls are a popular option for sandwiches, and pretzel buns can be found at many local burger joints. Some restaurants even offer pretzel-crusted chicken or fish dishes.

National Pretzel Day

In fact, in 2003, Philadelphia declared April 26th National Pretzel Day to celebrate the beloved, salty snack. That’s right, a special day for our favorite snack. And in the Delaware Valley this day is no joke. Philadelphians do not mess around when it comes to our pretzels. There was even a Philly Soft Pretzel under every seat at this year’s Oscars!

On April 26th, various businesses in the area will be celebrating National Pretzel Day with FREE pretzels. Check out these locations on April 26th to score your own!

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