Kincade & Salciunas: Weekdays 6am – 10am

Kincade & Salciunas: Weekdays 6am – 10am

Kincade & Salciunas: Weekdays 6am – 10am

Baseball season has begun again and as a public service announcement consider this a “Non-Wanted Poster”. My annual public service announcement you need to read before attending a Phillies game. You will spot these people in their native habitat. We have all met them but routinely even very good fans can temporarily morph into “these guys” that can destroy enjoyment of a great day at a local sporting event. If you take this too seriously (like some did last year), consider an enema. Some offered more tongue in cheek, some much more egregious. That is for you to decide.

Here we go with the worst fans you might have to navigate at a Phillies Game:

  • Wrong Jersey Guy

    Nothing says going to a Phillies game like my AJ Brown jersey or a throwback Dr. J. In another example when I’m not at a game, you may see me still wearing shorts and flip flops when it’s 50 degrees too.

  • Guy Who Can't Navigate Paying For Parking

    I don’t understand how to operate my smart phone or to use an app. I may have pulled in to the wrong lot and need to have a lane cleared so I can make my U-turn. It’s ok, I never carry cash so you’ll just have to be inconvenienced while I slowly move towards life in 2023.

  • The Drunken Standing Up Baseball Heckler

    I saw this guy on Opening Day. Drunk by first pitch, heckling every opposing batter then professing his “love” for JT Realmuto. By the fourth inning he needed a nap but he bounced back to annoy everyone in his section in his custom jersey by the bottom of the 6th.

  • Let Me Explain What I Could Do If I Was The Manager Guy

    Just in case the people in the rows around me didn’t hear my 3 call ins to sports talk radio shows, let me tell you all loudly what strategy I would be employing in this critical game situation.

  • Parents Who Bring The Kid's Toy Chest To A Game

    There is nothing like togetherness for a family. A Dad and his kid at a ballpark is an American tradition. Let me hand my kid his IPAD and a Gameboy so there won’t be any reason for them to bother me. I’ll be scrolling my Phone anyway and hate to be bothered.

  • Could You Please Sit Down Fan

    It’s the biggest rally of the game or a critical at bat. Fans are on their feet. Unfortunately you have the fan behind you that doesn’t want to have their view blocked. You ignore them as they protest loudly…as you should!

  • I Came To Eat & Drink, Not Watch The Game Guy

    Food and drink stands are unavailable to me personally before the game. You’re going to think I have a Food Channel Show. I love sampling something from every corner of the stadium and will be getting in and out of the aisle 5 times to do it.

  • Come Late, Leave Early Guy

    Game times on a ticket are too difficult to understand. I’m going to come late and then of course I’ll be leaving early. Please get up in the middle of the third inning so I can sit down and then during the 8th inning rally I’ll be heading to the exits.

  • Let My Kid Climb All Over The Seats Next To You Guy

    I’m looking to have a great night out and we brought along our little kid. We’ve chosen not to supervise our child and have positioned them right next to you. We aren’t seeing them using the seat as a Jungle Jim, but they will knock into you over and over.

  • The Worst Of All...The Grown Man Begging For Autographs

    I’m either running an EBAY store or just really hard excited to hang out with the other excited ten year olds to have our heroes sign something for us. Either way, it’s worthy of a 20/20 episode to figure out what went wrong.

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