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PHILADELPHIA, PA - FEBRUARY 08: Center Jason Kelce speaks at a ceremony honoring the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win on February 8, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is Presidents’ day! And to be a great President, you have to be capable of giving great speeches. And in Philly Sports, we have seen great speeches. But who in Philly Sports history gives the best speeches worthy of a President? In the Audio Vault today, Andrew Salciunas pulled some of the iconic speeches from people in Philly Sports throughout the years, to see who would make the best president. Here are the candidates and their speeches. You can listen to the full Audio Vault below…

  • Candidate #1- Peter Laviolette

    Sometimes Presidents have to deliver bad news or be tough. And our first candidate can certainly do that. Peter Laviolette has a famous speech where he ripped into his team for their heart and effort. It came during the second intermission of a game back in 2011 where the Flyers were down a goal. Laviolette ripped into them.

    “Scoring chances that period were seven to one. For the opposition. Do you know why, Hartsy? Cause it’s about as ***in’ casual as it gets. As casual as it gets. In Boston we said, ‘alright, it got mixed into the schedule, let’s turn the page.’ Somebody tell me what the **** is the difference now? What’s the problem now?

    I wanna see people rip their heart out of their ****ing chest this period, and if ya don’t, you’re probably not gonna like your ice time. Take your first shift, you’ll get it. Earn the second one. I’m not puttin’ up with it. It’s too much horse s***. It’s too much. Don’t allow it.

    D-zone coverage? Soft down low. Out to the points, casual strides. We don’t wanna block a shot, ’cause it hurts. One game Boston, alright let’s move on. Tonight? Unacceptable. Not gonna happen. We’re way better than what we just showed, every guy in here knows it, and you should not accept it. Don’t.

    You got twenty minutes. You win a period, you win a game, we move on. But you need to dig in right now. Every guy. Enough is enough. Start playing with some jam in here. Let’s go.

    It maybe has more curses than a President would usually have. But you have to love the fire. he is a President who could open the room. Anthony gave Peter his rubber stamp after this speech.


  • Candidate #2- Charlie Manuel

    On the other side, sometimes you want a leader who is less intense and who is just a good person to be around. Enter Charlie Manuel. You may not get the fire you get from him as you got from Laviolette. But he can still motivate you in his own way. He is the grizzled vet, loves what he is doing, and is just great to be around. And the speech Andrew pulled from him, was his speech at the 2008 World Series Parade.

    “Listen this is for Philadelphia. This is for our fans. Whose the World Champions”

    Maybe not as intense of a speech as Peter gave, but Anthony still was all on board for a Charlie Manuel Presidency.


  • Canidate #3- Chase Utley

    Sometimes you want a President who is “One of us”. And few players in Philly Sports history represented that more than Chase Utley. And his speech at the World Series parade will be one that Philly fans will always remember. The usually quiet Utley did not hold back, or censor himself.

    “World Champions. WORLD ****ing Champions”

    But Anthony questioned if he was Presidental enough. Anthony said he would prefer Jimmy Rollins over Chase if we were elected a President of Philly Sports.

  • Candidate #4- Jason Kelce

    And our 4th and final candidate is Jason Kelce. And we know he can make great speeches. Here is part of his parade speech after the Underdog Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

    “When Doug Pederson was hired, he was rated as the worst coaching hire by a lot of freakin’ analysts out there in the media. This past off-season, some clown named Mike Lombardi told him he was the lest-qualified head coach in the NFL. You saw a driven Doug Pederson, a man who went for it on fourth down, went for it on fourth down, in the Super Bowl, with a trick play. He wasn’t playing just to go mediocre. He’s playing for a Super Bowl.

    And it don’t stop with him. It does not stop with him.

    Jason Peters was told he was too old, didn’t have it anymore. Before he got hurt, he was the best freaking tackle in the NFL. Big V was told he didn’t have it. Stefen Wisniewski ain’t good enough. Jason Kelce is too small. Lane Johnson can’t lay off the juice. Brandon Brooks has anxiety.

    Carson Wentz didn’t go to a Division I school. Nick Foles don’t got it.

    Corey Clement’s too slow. LeGarrette Blount ain’t got it anymore. Jay Ajayi can’t stay healthy. Torrey Smith can’t catch. Nelson Agholor can’t catch.

    Zach Ertz can’t block. Brent Celek’s too old. 

    Brandon Graham was drafted too high. Vinny Curry ain’t got it. Beau Allen can’t fit the scheme.

    Mychal Kendricks can’t fit the scheme. Nigel Bradham can’t catch.

    Jalen Mills can’t cover. Patrick Robinson can’t cover.

    It’s the whole team. It’s the whole team.

    We might have a winner. That Parade speech will go down in Philly history as one of the best speeches of all time.


  • Listen to the Full Audio Vault below...

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