The NFL draft is almost upon us. Tomorrow night at around 8 pm, the Panthers will be on the clock. Then an hour plus after that, it will be our Eagles on the clock. In anticipation of that, The Anthony Gargano Show held its own mock draft. And joining Anthony Gargano and Andrew Salciunas in the mock draft was Philly’s own Kevin Negandhi from ESPN.

Across two segments and an hour of time, they took turns making picks for each team. Starting with Kevin taking the first overall pick, Anthony the 2nd pick, and Andrew at 3. They just repeated that pattern until the first round was over. Starting with the Carolina Panthers, until Kevin Negandhi made the Eagles pick at 30.

For the sake of brevity, they did not allow any trades. Doing so would have made the mock draft take too long, and make things too complicated. So they kept things simple by just mWho did they have at each pick? Which players fell their way? Did Anthony get his way with the Eagles landing Bijan Robinson? And how many Qbs did they have going in the top 10?

Here are the results from The Anthony Gargano Show Mock Darft, featuring Kevin Negandhi:

  • 1) Carolina Panthers- QB- Bryce Young

    Kevin Negandhi had the first pick, with the Panthers on the board. We knew it would be a QB, the only question is which one? Kevin went with Alabama’s Bryce Young. Despite the small size, Kevin saw him as the premiere Qb in the draft given the program he is coming from, the conference he is coming from, and all the success he had in college. He noted that Young is “never phased”.

  • 2) Houston Texans- QB- Will Levis

    Anthony had the Texans. And he confidently strolled up to the podium to select Kentucky’s Will Levis for them. He called Levis Josh Allen Lite.

  • 3) Arizona Cardinals- Edge- Will Anderson Jr

    Andrew was picking for the Cardinals. And he did not hesitate to select Will Anderson Jr for them. Kevin noted this could be a possible trade-up spot on draft night. He also noted that aa severe need may force them to go OL in the draft. But otherwise, he loved the pick for the Cardinals.

  • 4) Indianapolis Colts- QB Anthony Richardson

    Kevin was back on the board, and went for the high ceiling of Anthony Richardson, over the maybe safer pick of CJ Stroud. He called Richardson the greatest athlete to ever play the Qb position. Also noted that he is the p[perfect player for Shane Steichen to mold, noting he could possibly mold him into the next Jalen Hurts.

  • 5) Seattle Seahawks- QB- CJ Stroud

    Anthony was not comfortable having Geno Smith as his QB of the future. So with the Seahawks on the board, he took CJ Stroud out of Ohio State. Meaning 4 QBs went off the board with the first 5 picks. Kevin first noted that at pick 5, there would be many teams calling to trade up to get Stroud. He also said that the Seahawks badly need defense. But the allure of a franchise Qb was too much for Seattle to pass up in this case.

  • 6) Detroit Lions- DT Tyree Wilson

    Andrew toyed with taking Christian Gonzalez with pick 6 for the Lions. But pairing Aidan Hutchinson with Tyree Wilson was too tempting, so he switched at the last moment to Tyree.

  • 7) Las Vegas Raiders- DT- Jalen Carter

    The Raiders badly need help on defense, and there is a talent as great as Jalen Carter there for him. So Kevin could not resist. He picked Carter for them at 7.

  • 8) Atlanta Falcons- CB- Christian Gonzalez

    The Falcons need a lot of help on both sides of the ball. Anthony said he would like to trade back, but since they were not doing trades in this mock, he could not pass CB – Christian Gonzalez up. He said he thought of taking QB Hendon Hooker but decided against it.

  • 9) Chicago Bears- OT- Paris Johnson Jr

    The Bears obviously need someone to protect Justin Fields. So Andrew had to go OL here. And he took the top one on the board, Paris Johnson Jr out of Ohio State.

  • 10) Philadelphia Eagles- RB- Bijan Robinson

    It was Kevin’s pick with the Eagles on the board. All 3 elite D-Line prospects were gone. Kevin said with the board shaking out like that, the Eagles will probably trade back. he toyed with a lot of different names. First, he went Devon Withspoon, which was met by immediate boos by Anthony Gargano. Anthony successfully bullied Kevin into taking Bijan Robinson instead.

  • 11) Tennessee Titans- CB- Devon Witherspoon

    They had to start picking up the pace. So Anthony quickly sent in the pick for the Titans, getting some help for their defense by selected Illinios’ Devon Witherspoon.

  • 12) Houston Texans- Edge- Nolan Smith

    Andrew was on the board for Houston. And after Houston got their QB at 2, he got Demeco Ryans a new weapon on D at 12. They selected Nolan Smith out of Georgia.

  • 13) Green Bay- WR- Jaxon Smith-Njigba

    Kevin has the Packers finally taking a WR early, after trading Rodgers away, and took Ohio State’s Jaxon Smith Njigba. Imagine how pissed Rodgers would be if they finally invested in WRs only once he leaves.

  • 14) New England Patriots- OT Broderick Jones

    With Anthony picking for the Patriots, he had Bill Belichick building in the trenches. New England took Georgia’s Broderick Jones.

  • 15) New York jets- Peter Skoronski

    Andrew has a run on O-Lineman startting. The Jets followed up the Patriots taking Jones by grabbing Peter Skoronski to make sure Aaron Rodgers has extra protection.

  • 16) Washington Commanders- QB- Hendon Hooker

    Under new ownership, the Commanders want to get a potential franchise cornerstone, and Kevin selects Hendon Hooker from Tennessee for Washington. The 5th Qb to be drafted in the first round.

  • 17) Pittsburgh Steelers- OT- Darnell Wright

    The run on linemen continues, as does a run on Tennessee Volunteers. Anthony grabs Darnell Wright out of Tennessee for the Steelers.Now the 4th Offensive Lineman to be taken in the first 17 picks.

  • 18) Detroit Lions- CB- Joey Porter Jr

    Andrew has the Lions again. After he did not take Christian Gonzalez for them at 6, he instead grabs a CB for them at 18, drafting Joey Porter Jr out of Penn State.

  • 19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers- TE- Dalton Kincaid

    Tampa Bay might have liked a Qb, but they were all gone before the Bucs were on the board. So instead they get a weapon for whoever their future QB will be. He has them taking the big TE out of Utah, Dalton Kincaid.

  • 20) Seattle Seahawks- Edge- Lukas Van Ness

    Anthony took a Qb for the Seahawks earlier, so he goes defense here. Knabbing the Bull Rush specialist Lukas Van Ness from Iowa.

  • 21) Los Angeles Chargers- WR- Zay Flowers

    Andrew says Chargers need O-Line help, but they all went earlier, so instead they add another weapon for Justin Herbert In Boston College’s Zay Flowers.

  • 22) Baltimore Ravens- DT- Myles Murphy

    The Ravens can’t keep wasting another first-round pick on a WR. They have done it too much, and it has not worked. So Kevin has them sticking with what they are good at, defense, and they land the Clemson DT Myles Murphy.

  • 23) Minnesota Vikings- CB- Deonte Banks

    The Vikings defense stinks, so Anthony has them bringing in the corner from Maryland.

  • 24) Doug Pederson- Trenton Simpson

    Andrew could not pronounce Adetomiwa Adebawore, so instead he selected the Linebacker Trenton Simpson from Clemson.

  • 250 New York Gaints- WR- Jordan Addison

    Kevin said he would run up there to take Jordan Addison if he were the Giants here.

  • 26) Dallas Cowboys- TE- Michael Mayer

    Anthony was about to give the Cowboys the mammoth OT Dawand Jones here. But Kevin convinced him to switch the pick to the Notre Dame TE, Michael Mayer. Giving Dak another weapon.

  • 27) Buffalo Bills- RB- Jahmyr Gibbs

    The Bills need some more weapons for Josh Allen, and Jahmyr Gibbs certainly fits that bill. So Andrew has them taking the pass-catching RB from Alabama at 27.


  • 28) Cincinnati Bengals-OT- Dawand Jones

    The Bengals will be happy the Cowboys did not take Jones because that means he falls to them. they still have a big need on the O-Line, and they make Jones the 2nd Offensive Lineman taken out of Ohio State.

  • 29) New Orleans Saints- Edge- Will McDonald

    Anthony took Will McDonald from Iowa State at 29 for the Saints. Making him the first Cyclone taken in the first round in 50 years. And taking a guy the Eagles may have interest in off the board.

  • 30) Philadelphia Eagles- DL- Calijah Kancey

    And with the Eagles’ 30th pick, Kevin was put back on the clock as the honored guest, and he went defense for the Eagles, grabbing Calijah Kancey out of Pitt.

  • 31) Kansas City Chiefs- WR- Quentin Johnston

    At 31, the Chiefs give Patrick Mahomes more weapons. The Chiefs lacked a top WR last season after trading Tyreek Hill. They may get that in TCU’s big-bodied WR Quentin Johnston.

  • Listen to the Full Mock Draft Below

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