The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 21: Lane Johnson #65 and Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles embrace against the New York Giants during the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field on January 21, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The players on the field have the actual Super Bowl. But the social media teams, they have the schedule reveal. The time of the year when the social media team tries to pull out all the stops to put out the best piece of social media content. Yea, they could just throw up a graphic with all the games on it and the team logo. But that is boring. Instead, they all put out schedule reveal videos. And at least some of them are good at it. Yesterday was their day.

Every NFL team’s social media team puts out something. Some are fantastic, others at least try, and at least one team this year seemingly didn’t even do that. There were teams using AI. Teams using cute dogs or kids. Funny skits, and not so funny skits. Songs, animation, and more. But who did the best job? Who did the worst? Did the Eagles social media team do a good job? What about our NFC East Rivals? From the laugh out loud funny videos, to the ones that dragged on way to long. Lets look at the best, and the worst, schedule reveal videos from NFL Teams this year. I picked my 10 favorites, and the 10 I liked the least. Let’s see which Social Media team won their version of the Super Bowl.

Here are the best, and worst, NFL Schedule Videos from yesterday:


  • 32) Arizona Cardinals

    This screams of someone forgetting the due date for a project was coming up, so they threw something together at the last second. There was so little effort put into this. Its as lame as their new head coach is. There were many other Schedule Reveals I found boring, or poorly done. But no one put as little thought or creativity into their Schedule Reveal as the Cardinals did. 

  • 31) Houston Texans

    Trying way too hard to be cool and doing it all out of order just makes it confusing. It at least took effort and some creativity though, so it is miles better than the Cardinals.  

  • 30) New York Jets

    It could be a me problem, but I did not understand what was happening here at all, and I was mostly just bored watching it. Is it kind of impressive this guy can guess the location so quickly? Sure, but its one of those things that are impressive, but not entertaining. Like juggling.   

  • 29) San Francisco 49ers

    Teams really need to stop trying to use rap like this. It is never good, and it always comes off as corny. It is not Slam Diego Love levels of bad, but it is not too far off that either. It just makes me think of that awful Commanders rap from last year.  

  • 28) Baltimore Ravens

    Is this a schedule release, or a generic hype video for Lamar Jackson? They could have put this out, but then also did something far more interesting to announce their schedule. Just feels kind of lazy.  

  • 27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    AI (Artificial Intelligence, not Allen Iverson) was a popular choice this year for these Schedule Release videos. But I think this just shows why we are still a LONG way away from these AI tools being effective creative writers. Because man this was boring. How unfunny it was feels like it was kind of the point. But that commentary on AI Chatbots didn’t make it actually interesting to watch.  

  • 26) New York Giants

    An escape room was a cool idea. But maybe its just because I’m a bias Eagles fan, but I was really bored by this. Its far better than the stuff just before it. But still not that great for my tastes. 

  • 25) Jacksonville Jaguars

    This one is had to judge, because the skit itself was funny. But 8 minutes is way too long for a schedule release video, and the skit feels separate from the actual reveal. I prefer the Schedule release videos where its short, sweet, and reveals the schedule as it goes. The video itself was entertaining though at least. They get an A for content, but a D for tying the schedule release part into it. 

  • 24) Las Vegas Raiders

    They could have used being in Las Vegas much better. You are in Las Vegas, and this is what you do? The video had some cool cameos, but it took too long to reveal the schedule, and there was not enough interesting going on to make it worth sitting through. 

  • 23) Dallas Cowboys

    Yellowstone is a great show. And some of the Cowboys players were very funny in this skit. But this dragged on way too long, and we really didn’t need Jerry Jones trying to make himself look cool at the end.  

  • 10) Indianapolis Colts 

    Now we get to the stuff that was actually good. Maybe its just because I’m hungry, but this one was great for me. Also kudos them for the “Not the Cowboys” gag with their Twitter name.  

  • 9) Denver Broncos 

    Peyton Manning, plus The Office, what more could you want? I wish the schedule release part was more than just dumping it at the end. But other than that it worked really well.  

  • 8) Minnesota Vikings 

    I hate to give them credit for anything, on account of how annoying their fans are. But this was well done. Well edited, full of action, and once again, it actually does its job of revealing the schedule.  

  • 7) New England Patriots 

    Fun concept, with a great twist at the end. A lot of the teams that did skits let them run on way too long. This was thankfully short and sweet. My one complaint is that it feels like the schedule release portion was more of an afterthought. Still a fun skit though.  And final moment was great. 

  • 6) Chicago Bears 

    Doing a skit about the show The Bear, because they are The Bears, sometimes it just writes itself. Short, funny, and the schedule reveals are actually part of the bit.  

  • 5) Cleveland Browns

    The Browns may not win much, but this was definitely a win for the Browns social media team. Simple. Fun, short, has a great element of trash talk, and does the thing I like which is reveal the schedule as the video goes along, rather than just drop it all at once at the end of the video. 

  • 3) TIE- Philadelphia Eagles 

    Is just putting out a bunch of cute team dogs original? No. But who cares. Its cute. Everyone loves seeing dogs. And they even snuck a cameo from Major in there. There are more creative videos out there. But I am always happy to see more dogs.  

  • 3) TIE- Seattle Seahawks 

    What is cuter, kids or dogs? I feel like actually answering that question will just get people mad, so we are going to say both are equally cute, and say the Seahawks and Eagles are tied at 3.  

  • 2) Los Angeles Chargers

    Last year the Chargers stole the show with an anime schedule release, so why mess with what works? They knocked it out of the park again. 


  • 1) Tennessee Titans  

    This one easily took the cake for me. Funny, but also not too long. The comedic timing of showing the Colts logo immediately after they were all super confident it was the Cowboys was perfect too. Simple can sometimes be best. There were more creative ones, or ones more work was put into, but this is the one I enjoyed the most.  The Titans are still looking for their first Super Bowl, but their Social Media Team at least brought the hardware back this year. 

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