PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 16: Philadelphia Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman gestures prior to the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on October 16, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The draft is finally here. At around 8 pm tonight, the Panthers are on the clock. The Eagles are on the clock at some point after that. It depends on much time they waste. And they certainly love to pad time at the draft.  The rumors about who the Eagles will pick are all over the place. Some say Howie Roseman is in love with Jalen Carter. Others say it is OT Paris Johnson he wants to go up and draft. There are draft experts who say the Eagles will take Bijan Robinson and others who say there is no chance he takes him. It feels like 20 different names have been attached to the Eagles at pick 10.

The truth is likely no one truly knows. So let’s focus less on what Howie will do, and more on what we want him to do. I asked every host at the Fanatic, on all the main weekday shows, along with their producers, what name would excite them the most to hear called by the Eagles tonight. The player where if you hear “The Philadelphia Eagles select ____” they would be the most happy with.

That was the question I asked every regular host at the station. Along with some other staffers who happened to be at the station at the time.

Who do our hosts want the Eagles to pick tonight? Here are their answers:

  • John Kincade- Bijan Robinson

    John wants Bijan Robinson with one caveat, it cant be at pick 10. if they take him at pick 10, he would not be happy. But if they trade down, get more picks, then take him, John would be very excited to have a player like Bijan in Eagles Green.

  • Bob Cooney- Bijan Robinson

    Bob Cooney was one of the first guys at the station to be all about taking Bijan Robinson. And he has stuck to his guns. While he would also like a trade-up for one of the defensive stars, Bob would be most excited if it was Bijan Robinson’s name called by Roger Goodell for the Eagles tonight.

  • Pat Egan- Will Anderson

    The smallest guy at the station dreams big. he knows it is not likely. But the question was not what the most logical pick for the Eagles. It’s who is your dream pick for the Eagles. And landing a pass rusher like Will Anderson would certainly be a dream come true for Eagles fans.

  • Connor Thomas- Bijan Robinson

    Like many of his co-workers in the morning, Connor is also a Bijan Robinson guy. I wonder if he thinks he can tackle Bijan though the way he thinks he could tackle Brian Westbrook.

  • Coach Camille- Will be Watching Soccer Tonight

    I asked Coach Eric Camille, and he didn’t know there was a draft tonight, said he doesn’t care, and then said he will be watching soccer tonight and might have the draft going on an iPad.

  • Jamie Lynch- Will Anderson

    Funny how the tallest and shortest guys at the station, both took the biggest swing with their dream pick. Like Pat Egan, Jamie said the pick that would make him the most happy, is Will Anderson. Hard to blame either of them, even if it is not likely to happen.

  • Anthony Gargano- Bijan Robinson

    Anthony is completely on board with taking Bijan. So much so, when he and Kevin Negandhi did their mock draft together, he booed and bullied Kevin until he changed his pick for the Eagles from Devon Witherspoon to Bijan Robinson.

  • Andrew Salciunas- Bijan Robinson

    Andrew is also in for Bijan Robinson. Maybe not as much as Anthony. Like John, he clarified it has to be after a trade-down to get more picks. He also said there is no way he could stand for any pick that wouldn’t play much in year 1 (i.e. an Offensive Linemen).

  • Tyrone Johnson- Devon Witherspoon

    From the start of the draft process, Tyrone was clear on two things. The Eagles badly need a young corner, but they will not take one in the first round. So while he does not think Howie would do it, he said getting a young corner the caliber of Devon Witherspoon would be the most exciting for him.

  • Ricky Bottalico- Nolan Smith

    I was surprised by this. It felt like a lock he would go, Bijan Robinson, since he has been stumping for him. But when I texted Ricky about who he wanted, he texted me back Nolan Smith.

  • Hunter Brody- Jalen Carter

    Finally a vote for Jalen Carter. The idea of Will Anderson was also tempting for Brodes, but he stuck with Jalen Carter, even if it means giving up picks to trade up.

  • Jen Scordo- Will Anderson

    That is now 3 for Anderson. Pat, Jamie, Jen. These are people who know how to dream big. Like the other 2, Jen said she realizes it probably won’t happen. But when asked what name would excite her the most, the first name that came to mind was Will Anderson. Not fellow Georgian Jalen Carter.

  • Devon Givens- Bijan Robinson

    Like Bob, John, Anthony, and Andrew, Devon is all min on taking Bijan Robinson. As he has said on his show, and you will likely hear him keep saying in his and Tyrone’s draft special tonight, he likes the idea of continuing to add to this offense with someone who will start right away and add another aspect to the Eagles’ already dangerous offense.

  • Tom Alvord-Jalen Carter

    Tom wants the Eagles to trade up for one of the 3 big pass rushers. Whether that be Carter, Tyree Wilson, or Will Anderson. Since Carter is the most realistic option of those 3, he picked him. But any of the 3 would make him happy.

  • Ray Dunne- Jalen Carter

    The youngest staffer at the station is also in for Jalen Carter. I still haven’t forgiven Ray for eliminating me in our Fanatic Knockout Tournament. Or for waving goodbye to me after he knocked me out. Or for then texting me a video the next day of him knocking me out and waving goodbye to me. But I cant argue with his logic here.

  • Dylan MacKinnon- Jalen Carter

    I am not actually a host at the station. But it is my article, so I can do what I want. And I needed to pad the numbers for Jalen Carter. While I would love any of the 3 big pass rusher names, Jalen Carter would make me the happiest because he is a DT, and getting an elite pass rusher at DT is harder than on the edge. After Hargrave went to the 49ers, it is something the Eagles need too.

  • Final Tally

    Bijan Robinson-6

    Jalen Carter- 4

    Will Anderson- 3

    Devon Witherspoon- 1

    Nolan Smith- 1

    Don’t Care- 1

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