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Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 25: James Harden #1 of the Philadelphia 76ers looks on before the start of the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at Target Center on February 25, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Anthony Gargano is a man who has seen it all in this city. And there is also no one on the station that can get you more excited for a big game, or a big debut. Quite simply, “The Cuz” GETS IT. So we decided to get with the Cuz and Choonis and get their top 10 list of most anticipated debuts in Philly Sports. Because, if youre unaware, the Phillies are about to debut a lineup on Friday that could make opposing pitchers cry.

So before the Phillies become the first team to hit 9 straight home runs, lets remind you about these debuts that had Philly jumping with excitement

  • 10) James Harden Sixers Debut

    Finally Daryl Morey got what he wanted all along. Trading disgruntled Ben Simmons for James Harden. He didnt disappoint. 27 points, 8 rebounds, and 12 assists.

  • 9) Bryce Harper Phillies Debut

    There were two big time free agents in the 2018 offseason, and everyone knew you could be waiting a while for either Manny Machado or Bryce Harper to sign. The Phillies were linked to both. Manny signed with San Diego first, which put the onus on Phillies brass to sign Harper, and they did. Late February Jon Heyman reported the massive deal between Harper and the Phils. Harper had a forgettable debut, going 0-3 with a run scored. But the Phils won 10-4. He has since won an MVP earning every cent of that contract.

  • 8) Carson Wentz Eagles Debut

    He was supposed to be wrapped in bubble wrap and hold a clipboard in year one. The QB whom the Eagles traded up to pick #2 for was from little North Dakota State, so questions on weather or not he was ready for the big time was legit. He also had missed most of the preseason with a rib injury. But when the Eagles were offered a first round pick for incumbent Sam Bradford, they had to usher in the Wentz era earlier than expected.

    Luckily for Wentz he faced the Browns in week 1. He threw for 278 yards and 2 touchdowns in a win. We all know what happened after that.

  • 7) Ben Simmons Sixers Debut

    The Sixers had a #1 overall pick who missed a full season because of an injury. Stop me if you heard that before. The Sixers were finally supposed to try and compete when Ben Simmons broke a bone in his foot during training camp. The rehab would have had him back around late November/December. But Ben wanted to win Rookie of the Year so he just sat that one out. It led to a much anticipated debut in 2017.

    18 points, 10 boards, 5 assists, and Ben Simmons looked as-advertised. Those were the days…..

  • 6) Moses Malone Sixers Debut

    After losing to the Lakers in the NBA Finals the Sixers realized they needed to get better and load up. They did that when they signed former MVP Moses Malone.

    21 points, 17 boards, and 1 block.

    Sixers won the Championship

  • 5) Roy Halladay Phillies Debut

    The Phillies traded for the best pitcher in the game in December of 2009. Roy Halladay chose the Phillies as the team he wanted to go to so he could finally get the elusive championship that had evaded him in Toronto for all those years. Even the Eagles tried to steal Doc’s shine by trading Donovan McNabb to Washington the night before. But when Doc took the mound (ironically in Washington) no one was thinking about the Birds

    7 innings, 1 earned run, 9 strike outs. And at 88 pitches he likely could have thrown a complete game.

  • 4) Eric Lindros Flyers Debut

    The Flyers had to go to court to GET THE RIGHT to trade Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, Mike Ricci, Steven Duchesne, 2 first round picks, and and a lot of cash. And no Flyers fan cared. Because Eric Lindros was billed as the NEXT one. A true power forward that could score a billion goals while running over defensemen. He fit right in.

    He scored in his first game.

  • 3) Julius Erving Sixers Debut

    When the Nets came into the NBA they did so as the New York Nets. The New York Knicks didnt like that and demanded the Nets pay them a $4 million dollar fee. This was in 1976 so while thats still a lot of money now, it was a lot more then. The Nets actually offered the Knicks Erving instead of paying the fee but the Knicks are gonna Knicks and decided they wanted the money. The Sixers swooped in. Buying Erving’s contract for $3 million and never regretting it for a second.

    His debut was mediocre compared to a normal Dr. J game.

    17 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks. But it would get much better.

  • 2) Terrell Owens Makes His Eagles Debut

    Na Brown, James Thrash, Todd Pinkston, Torrence Small. Those were some of the names that Eagles fans were forced to convince themselves were good wide receivers. Because what other choice did we have? The Eagles had a franchise QB throwing to a bunch of scabs. That changed in 2004.

    T.O. almost didnt happen. Owens missed the deadline to opt out of his contract so the Eagles were forced to trade for him. The Ravens swooped in. An arbitrator was involved and in the end the Eagles had a legit wide out for McNabb to throw to.

    8 catches, 68 yards, and 3 touchdowns was a hell of a debut

  • 1) Pete Rose Phillies debut

    Philly sports has always been big players for big time free agents, and this list is proof positive of that. But there might be no bigger free agent signing in Philly sports HISTORY then when the Phillies stole the All-Time hits leader from the “Big Red Machine.” What was then a MASSIVE deal, seems like a steal today. 4 years, $3.2 million dollars.

    Rose went 1-3 with a walk in the game. He eventually won the franchise its first World Series

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