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Mid-days With Andrew Salciunas – Weekdays 10am – 2pm

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The draft is now just a couple of days away. On Thursday night, we will learn who the newest Eagles will be. So just who will that be? Jeff McLane joined The Anthony Gargano today to discuss the Eagles Draft. 

There seems to be a lot of differing opinions about what the Eagles will and should do. Some are all on board for the Eagles taking an Rb at 10. Some are dead set against. There are people who want the Eagles to trade up and go after one of the top guys in the draft. Others want them to trade down and acquire more picks. There are a ton of different names that could be the Eagles guy at 10. So Jeff McLane discussed some of those, and what he thinks the Eagles may do at 10 and 30.

Are the Eagles more inclined to trade up or down from their current picks? Would they actually take Bijan Robinson? Could they go OL at pick 10? Jeff McLane discussed that and more.

Here is some of what he had to say about the Eagles Draft:


  • On If the Eagles Would Trade Back from 10

    “The QBs often dictate how the first round goes. Whether someone you hope may fall to you, does… They would love to see 3, or maybe 4 QBs go, and then maybe Jalen Carter or Will Anderson falls to them, or at least slips close to them so they can trade up. I’m getting the indication that maybe only Bryce Young and CJ Stroud go early. 

    My guess is the Eagles only have a few names they would take at number 10. If one of those guys isn’t there, they will trade out. Let’s say Anthony Richardson or Will Levis slides to 10, that can be an area where the Eagles have something ready to go pre-draft, and they would move on that. Some team would get their QB, and the Eagles would get more picks.” 

  • On Tyree Wilson

    He’s right there with (Will) Anderson. Elite edge rushers will not typically go outside the top 5. Unless there are a lot of QBs in there. He is a clean defensive prospect. 6’6”, 271 lbs. Which gives him some versatility. You can slide him inside. Eagles have increasingly used multiple fronts... If the QBs go early, and he drops, I wouldn’t rule him out as one of the guys they would move up for.” 

  • On Peter Skoronski

    “A lot of people have him ranked as the top OL Prospect. I’ve talked to a few evaluators who view him as a future guard... If the Eagles view him as a future guard, I dont know if you spend a top10 pick on him. But if Jeff Stoutland says this guy is a tackle, I think he would qualify as a very Howie move. They arent going to draft for a need that high. They won’t to get elite players with unique skills, and he certainly has those.” 

  • On Bijan Robinson

    “I don’t think there’s a chance at 10. If you move back, maybe... I doubt he falls to 30... Just knowing the Eagles, I would be more inclined to think he doesn’t end up in Philadelphia. A lot of Eagles fans still think of that position a certain way. Its just not important compared to the other positions.”

  • On The Eagles Taking a Cornerback

    “I think the only guy they would take at number 10 is Gonzalez. He is probably the best CB prospect in the draft. Howies history of drafting corners is dismal. Probably the worst position he has had… And he has never taken one in the first round… They aren’t drafting for need. Even after Slay and Bradberry inked deals, I don’t think that would dissuade Howie from taking Gonzalez.” 

  • On Eagles Trading Up From 10

    10 is a great spot. If you can get an elite player, you don’t want to miss that opportunity. How many opportunities have the Eagles had to pick that high? You don’t want to miss out on getting a guy that is a top 5 guy at number 10. They are going to make that pick, or even move up to get that guy. I think Howie is more inclined to move in this draft, than stay pat at number 10 and 30.  

  • You Can Listen To The Full Conversation With Jeff McLane Here

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