GREEN BAY, WI - JANUARY 11: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talk prior to the 2015 NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on January 11, 2015 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

The Phillies 3-1 series loss to the Mets got even worse on Saturday when Dan Baker went to go announce who would throw out the first pitch and its some loser with a Mets jersey that’s personalized with “The General.” One quick look at the guy can tell you he couldn’t pass the physical requirements to make it in the military. He also wasnt man enough to throw it from the rubber. His weak arm probably wouldnt have made it so he threw it from the grass. Weak move. But the weaker move was the Phillies allowing this to happen.

Most of the time the first pitch is a complete afterthought, but this is BAD. He probably purchased a bunch of tickets and the Phillies gave him the option not knowing. But as soon as he showed up in THAT jersey, you don’t proceed. You go find some kid in a Phillies jersey and let him do it.

So it got me thinking about other poor decisions Philadelphia sports teams can make that are similar to a first pitch. Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies please feel free to read the following and NEVER do them.

  • Leon Stickle Drops The Puck At Flyers Center Ice

    If youre younger you may not be aware of Leon Stickle so here is a reminder

    So the Flyers should barry the hatchet and let Stickle drop the puck before a game against the Islanders!

  • Ronde Barber Delivers The Ceremonial Ball At An Eagles Playoff Game

    The Eagles were favorites to head to the Super Bowl until Ronde Barber showed up and said “not so fast.” He picked off Donovan McNabb three times and the Bucs headed to, and eventual won the Super Bowl. But time heals all wounds! So lets have Ronde out and he can deliver the first ball. Extra points if they have Donovan come out and throw it to him!

  • Ben Simmons Rings The Bell

    He wont be working, so he will have plenty of free time to ring the bell. And with the Sixers getting James Harden, there is no doubt that the Sixers faithful will show Ben the love he deserves.

  • Cody Ross Throws Out The First Pitch

    In 2010 the Phillies were arguably the best team in the Majors. With a loaded rotation that featured Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt. But Cody Ross didnt care about that. Not only did he GO OFF in the NLCS, but he had this stupid skip every time he hit a home run. An unlikely hero for San Fran. But the Phillies could have him skip to the mound and throw it the first pitch. Why not?!

  • Patrick Kane Drops The Puck At Center Ice

    The Flyers were the worst team in the league in 2006 and they were rewarded for this by….not getting the first pick in the draft. Because of the lottery it went to Chicago. The Blackhawks took Patrick Kane and that sucked, because hes good. It sucked worse in 2010 when Patrick Kane scored the game winning goal to win the Cup for the Blackhawks in the Wells Fargo Center.

    No one knew the puck was in, except Kane, so im sure the Flyers PR team can come up with some creative around that! Its genius!

  • Bryce Paup Delivers The Ceremonial First Ball

    In 1991 the Eagles were destined for the Super Bowl. Buddy Ryan had finally compiled a team worthy of contending, as the offense was led by dynamic QB Randall Cunningham….until Bryce Paup showed up and shredded Randall’s knee up. Cunningham’s season was done, and so was the Eagles.

    But since then the Birds have won the Super Bowl. So alls forgiven! Bryce deserves to know that! So the Eagles should show the former enemy some love. Schedule it for when the team plays the Packers.

  • Kawhi Leonard Rings The Bell Four Times

    So in retrospect the best chance for the Sixers process’ teams seems to have been in the 2018-2019 season which ended with a crazy quadruple bounce. Sure! The Sixers havent won a championship but that was YEARS ago! Kawhi has since left Toronto and the Sixers beat them in the playoffs this past year so thats sort of payback….

    Kawhi states hes a “fun” guy so im sure he would love to ring a basketball four times off the bell. It would be a blast!….

  • Joe Carter Throws Out The First Pitch

    Mitch Williams, Joe Carter, Ball game.

    So lets have Joe Carter come back to Philly and show him that were not bitter at all! He can even sign autographs afterwards. This is PR gold for the Phillies as it shows the fan base turning over a new leaf!

  • MLS Officials Bang The Drum With The Sons of Ben

    in the 2020 season the Union were the best team in the MLS. Loaded and poised to win the championship…..until COVID happened. But not just COVID shutting the sport down, im talking COVID shutting the team down….or so we thought.

    Right before the Eastern Conference Championship the Union were hit with a ton of contact tracing cases of COVID. Instead of postponing the game, MLS officials made the Union field a team full of backups and guys they found teaching “soccer shots.” The Union ended up losing to eventual champions NYCFC. But thats all forgiven now so let those MLS fans hang with the Sons of Ben. Come bang the drum! We dont mind that you screwed the city out of a championship

  • Jerry Jones Sings The National Anthem Before Eagles Cowboys As Chris Christie Does The Coin Toss

    They are going to be there anyway! Might as well let them get involved in the fun a little bit. Why should the Eagles have ALL the home field advantage?! That’s just selfish.

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