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Eagles Player Bans Taylor Swift From Games

Taylor Swift has come out in the past and said she grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  She was born and raised in Reading, PA which is about an hour outside of the city. Taylor has been in the news recently due to her new romance with Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce. We all know Travis Kelce as our very own Jason Kelce's brother and the co-host of the New Heights podcast.  The two went public a couple of weeks back when she attended a Chiefs game and was spotted in the same suite as Jason and Travis's mom, Donna Kelce. [caption id="attachment_247234" align="aligncenter" width="612"] (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)[/caption] Jason and Travis Kelce are not the only football players with a podcast.  Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Darius "Big Play" Slay has his own podcast.  He breaks down all of the Eagles games and he even talks pop culture.  On his most recent episode of his podcast, he was talking about the Travis Kelce - Taylor Swift romance.  He explained that Travis's team, the Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 when Taylor Swift attends the game.  Well, a rematch of last year's Super Bowl is set for Monday, November 20th with the Kansas City Chiefs.  Darius Slay urged Taylor Swift to not show up to that game.  Taylor seems to be the Chiefs' good luck charm so Darius does not want her anywhere near the game that night. Of course, he's just joking around but it's still pretty funny.  Well, Darius, Swifties may be coming after you soon!  Watch out! If Taylor were to show up to the game, what would she wear?  Does she go full-on Kansas City Chiefs gear?  Does she stay loyal to her Philadelphia Eagles? Or does she go the Donna Kelce route where she hires a seamstress and gets a double jersey with Chiefs on the front and Eagles on the back?  If this romance lasts until November 20th, we will find out the answer. Go Birds!