Snoop Dogg Says He Will Stop Smoking

The certified stoner is giving up smoking. Snoop Dogg announced that he no longer will be smoking after consulting with his family. "After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke," the statement reads on Instagram. "Please respect my privacy at this time." Fans React To Snoop Dog's Post Many are skeptical of the "Gin & Juice" rapper's statement, and other fans are jokingly distraught over the news. "This announcement feels like a Funeral announcement…" one fan wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). One fan noticed that the rapper didn't clarify his statement and thinks that the rapper will still consume marijuana, just not by inhaling it. "Snoop said 'smoke' not weed. Watch him drop a line of edibles. I’m here for that," they wrote on X. Whether Snoop is joking or not or possibly might have other plans for injecting weed like edibles, his announcement is helping fans who might be struggling with their marijuana consumption. "I was debating cutting down on how much i smoke (mainly because my lungs are s--- and i have to use my inhaler every time which makes my heart beat fast af)," the fan wrote on X. "But if Snoop can do it I can do if snoop can do it I can do it." Another fan suggested that he might have had a health scare and decided to stop smoking. However, the rapper has not confirmed if there is a medical reason behind his announcement. "Is Snoop Dogg sick, why does he need privacy [crying face emoji] This does not sound good!" the concerned fan wrote. Marijuana has been a part of the rapper's brand for such a long time that he got into the business when states passed bills for recreational cannabis to be sold. He started his marijuana company Leafs By Snoop, in 2015. The rapper began selling products in Colorado as it was the first state to legalize marijuana on a recreational basis. According to Herb, since the rapper does not live in Colorado he cannot technically own the product line, but he has partnered with LivWell dispensaries, to sell his products nationwide where applicable. [select-listicle listicle_id="559446" syndication_name="20-rap-and-rb-songs-about-weed-to-add-to-your-4-20-playlist" description="no"]

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