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What a glorious Tuesday it is. I can’t say that I’ve ever uttered those words after a Memorial Day Weekend before returning to work! Two weeks outside of my colon cancer surgery I’m ready to get behind the microphone again. What awaits me is a 6-month challenge. I’m inviting you to take the journey along with us.

It will be my agenda to keep my life running as normal as possible. My treatment is going to require me to miss work from time to time. I want the show to be as positive and comfortable as possible. For transparency, I want to share with you what the coming months are going to entail.

My recovery from colon cancer surgery went very well. I was a model patient and rested and recovered fairly quickly. The last few days brought walks of better than 2 miles in a local park and afternoon naps. My energy is strong and my soreness in the abdomen area is minimal. I was approved to drive again and it all feels good.

On Tuesday, June 6th I’ll be having my port installed via a minor surgical procedure.

I’ll be starting a 12-round chemotherapy beginning on Wednesday, June 14th. Every other Wednesday will bring a chemo treatment after I do the show. Each treatment will include me bringing a to-go bag of medicine with me that will stay attached through midday on Fridays. I’ll go in after the show to have it disconnected. Those weekends are expected to be my “worst” days. I’ll rest and recover at home and I’m told the off weeks will hopefully bring me feelings of normalcy. If all goes according to plan I won’t be having to miss too much work during my protocol. My 12th treatment would culminate the week before Thanksgiving. It sounds so far away, but I’m going to take it one week at a time and battle through. I’m told the effects will be cumulative, but if I rest, hydrate and do what I’m told that things will go well.

There is a chance that I will begin to lose my hair during the chemotherapy. For me, this won’t be a very welcome event if it happens. I’ll worry about it when it happens, but my barber Michael has already assured me he can give me a great look to carry me through! I do wonder that if I start wearing hats to work, how will anyone tell me and Bob apart?

I wanted to take the time to thank all of my friends, family, co-workers, and listeners that reached out to offer their moral support. It matters. For me, prayers matter. I’m a believer. If you offered them, I assure you that I felt them. I’m so challenged to get back to normalcy with our show on a daily basis. We have the Nick Nurse hiring, the Phillies attempting to have another summer turnaround and of course, the NFC Champion Eagles to look forward to. I want to be here to talk about all of it.

Thank you and I appreciate all of the love and support!

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