The Flyers‘ season is almost over, and tonight was the final home game. Philadelphia travels to Chicago to take on the Blackhawks this Thursday to end the season. The Flyers had a rough year, to say the least, but there is always something to be said about the last game of the season. Fans are now looking forward to the NHL Draft that will take place next month.

The Flyers honored the late Ed Snider. It’s been 7 years since his passing. Flyers fans, staff, and players credit Mr. Snider when it comes to how special the team was when he owned the Philadelphia Flyers.

Philadelphia hosted the Blue Jackets for the final time this season. Believe it or not, Columbus’ season has been worse than Philadelphia’s. The game started with the Flyers trailing as the Blue Jackets were able to get two quick goals behind Carter Hart. Joel Farabee was able to give the Flyers life after scoring and cutting Columbus’ lead in half. With a 2-1 game James van Riemsdyk ties up the game at 2. This was his 300th career goal, which is a big milestone.


After the 1st period, it was still a tied game at 2. Early in the 2nd period, Owen Tippett, scored for Philadelphia giving them a 3-2 lead. This was all the action that the 40-minute marker drew. It was sloppy on both ends of the ice and both of the teams looked lost. This isn’t to say there wasn’t effort; it was just the nature of the game having two bad teams competing against each other this late in the season.

The 3rd period was nothing short of disappointing as Columbus was able to equalize the game at 3. It appeared that both teams elevated their effort after Columbus’ equalizing goal to get a winner without the dreaded overtime. With 60 minutes and still a tied game, overtime it was.

The overtime goal was produced by Owen Tippett who prevented the Flyers from going to a shootout. Tippett got the goal with only 16 seconds remaining in OT. Tippett earned his 25th and 26th goals of the season tonight. The Flyers defeated Columbus 4-3.


One of the best hockey traditions is saluting the fans for their support and loyalty all season long. The Flyers players entered the center ice and heightened their sticks for one last south Philadelphia goodbye.

Timeline of what to look forward to:

April 13th – final game against Chicago

April 14th – exit interviews

Jun 28th – Jun 29th – NHL Draft 


7 Great Flyers Memories To Remind Us They Used to Be Fun

See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. Every day Andrew dives into the Audio Vault to pull out clips and highlights relevant to the day. And today, with it being the last Flyers home game of the year, the whole Anthony Gargano Show was dedicated to the Flyers. It is a low point for the Flyers. Multiple years of losing hockey. And there is not a ton of hope down the road. But Anthony wanted to remind people that they used to be fun. So he called for a Town Hall to take our Flyers back.

Part of that town Hall was the Audio Vault. And instead of focusing on the horrible times we are currently in with the Flyers, they looked back at the good memories. The times when we actually had fun watching them. Even if those moments did not always result in wins, they were at least fun to watch at the time. So Andrew pulled 9 moments of when the Flyers actually gave us joy.

The Broad Street Bullies era. The run to the Stanley Cup in 2010. Eric Lindros battling without a stick. And so much more. Hockey in Philly used to be a good time. They haven’t won it all since the ’70s. But even between then and now we at least had times when they were exciting. So in hopes of getting back to at least those times, let’s revisit the times when we had fun watching hockey in this city.

Here are the 9 Flyers Moments Andrew played in today’s Audio Vault…



  • 1974- The Flyers Win The Stanley Cup

    In 1974, the Flyers won their first Stanley Cup. Affectionately nicknamed The Broad Street Bullies for their aggressive style of play, the Flyers from the 70s gave the organization their two and only Stanely Cups. Led by guys like Bill Barber, Bernie Parent, Dave Schulz, and Bobby Clarke. Most Flyers fans are not old enough to remember them. But even for those too young to have seen them play, they serve as a reminder that this franchise used to win.

  • 1975- Flyers Win Second Stanley Cup in a Row

    Two championships in a row. The only Philly franchise to accomplish that feat, unless you count Eagles Championships or the Philadelphia Athletics. Quite a feat. though with all that said, guys like Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber have had a large hand in getting the Flyers to this low point. Still, we can appreciate what they did as players and also acknowledge they need to stop having any say in the future direction of the franchise.

  • 1997 - Lindros's No Stick Shift

    It would be hard to argue with anyone who said Eric Lindros was the most skilled player to ever wear a Flyers Jersey. And that was on full display in the 1997 playoffs. Lindros lost his stick in a game vs the Penguins. That would usually take players out of a shift. Not Lindros. He held onto the puck, and even finished the shift with a goal after getting his stick back.

  • 2000- Primeau Wins It in 5th OT

    Beating the Penguins is always good. Beating them in the playoffs is even better. But beating them in a 5 OT Game? That is what Keith Primeau and the Flyers did in 2000. Game 4 of that Playoff Series was knotted 1-1 through 3 periods of regulation, and 4 of Over Time. But Keith Primeau finally;ly ended the marathon game with this goal.

  • 2010- Shootout Clinches Playoff Berth

    2010’s run did not go the way we wanted it to. But the ride was still so much fun. But that run almost ended before the playoffs. After floundering down the stretch, they were down to their last game of the season. The Rangers held on to a 1-0 lead over the Flyers, until the final period where the Flyers finally lit the lamp. It went to OT, and then to a Shootout. And even that was close. The shootout was tied 1-1. Giroux comes up and nets it. Leaving the Rangers down to just Olli Jokinen with a chance to tie it back up. But Brian Boucher said No, and the Flyers were heading to the playoffs.

  • 2010- Flyers Comeback from Down 3-0 in the Series and in Game 7

    If you thought the shootout was tense though, the series vs the Bruins jacked that up to another level. The Flyers went down 0-3 to Bruins. At the time, only 3 American Sports teams have come back in a 7 game Series after losing the first 3 games. The Flyers made that 4. But not only did they come back from a 3-0 hole in the series, they came back from being down 3-0 in game 7 too. It is something you could honestly argue is the best comeback in Sports history, given it was not only a series comeback but also a comeback in game 7.

    After this and the shootout, it felt like the Flyers were destined to win.


  • 2010- Giroux's Game Winning Goal in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals

    That magic continued for a moment in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Series vs the Blackhawks. Chicago took games 1 and 2 of the series. And if it wasn’t for this Girouz game-winning shot, the Flyers would have been in another 3-0 series holes. But the Flyers were not dead yet. Giroux gave them a little bit of life. While it did not work out for the Flyers, there was fleeting bit of hope after this OT Game Winner.

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