I have a friend that loves to do the “do you want the good news or the bad news first” precursor to any critical conversation. It drives me nuts. I won’t subject you to it. I’ll just start with the good news, the 76ers must be waking up thinking it’s Christmas Day because they have been presented a huge gift. Here are some of the reasons;


The 76ers could have found their way into the 4 seed. That would have meant a first round matchup with the young, feisty Cleveland Cavaliers or the gritty defensive oriented Knicks. Either one of those opening series could have been a street brawl this team either doesn’t need or doesn’t want. The 76ers need to ease in a bit to a playoffs with a brutal road ahead and huge expectations. Slipping down to the 3 seed means you most likely will have to navigate both Boston AND Milwaukee to get to the NBA Finals. That is quite the gauntlet. Do you need more good news? A 3 seed has won the title the last 2 seasons, Milwaukee in 2021 and Golden State in 2022.


The 76ers were locked into the 3 seed for almost 6 weeks. That allowed them to load manage the veterans workload. There are no excuses this time around for the 76ers to hide behind. They are expected to win vs the Nets and it shouldn’t require maximum effort. As long as nobody breaks their face in the last 5 minutes of a clinching game, this team is poised to win a 2nd round battle.


The average NBA Champion since 2000 has only played 11 games in defeating their first 2 opponents. The 76ers are going to want to be well rested for a potential battle with Boston. Defeating the Nets in 5 or less games seems almost a necessity!


The Phillies are sitting at (3-6) after the first 3 series of the season. Friday was an impressive win over the Reds but on Saturday and Sunday the Phillies didn’t deserve to win either game. They pulled a Houdini act on Saturday afternoon and then threw away a game on Sunday. Thankfully it doesn’t look like anyone is going to run away with the NL East in April. Here were some of the biggest issues;


The way this team runs the bases would embarrass most little league teams. They have no awareness of fundamental decision making on the base paths. I’m tired of hearing about how the aggressiveness balances out in the long run. That is complete nonsense. This team has already run into at least 8 outs on the base paths and I’m being generous. They aren’t good enough to give away outs.


They are missing Harper and Hoskins so it’s hard to expect the offense to be clicking early, but this past weekend was terrible. Sandy Alcantara is looming on Monday night, so there isn’t a lot of time to get things figured out.

5 Things That The Phillies Need To Improve Upon

The Phillies won their first series of the season as they took two of three from the Reds over the weekend. It was nice to see the Phillies get in the win column twice as they were welcomed back to Citizens Bank Park for the first time since their incredible run to the World Series last October. It was a huge series win considering they dropped the first series of the season to the Texas Rangers and then followed it up with a flat performance in New York.

The Phillies had a busy weekend as they not only had to contend with the Reds, but they also had a lot going on with promotions everyday. Friday was the home opener. Saturday players received awards like the Gold Glove and the Silver Slugger. On Sunday they got their NL Champions ring. So there were a lot of distractions for the team, but they still ended up taking the series. But that doesn’t mean there are not some things to improve upon.

The Phillies enter the away series against the Marlins 3-6 on the year. We have seen it all early on from the Phils. The good, the bad, and the worse. There have been struggles have the pitching, struggles from the plate, and struggles on the base paths. Oh, and the bullpen has fell apart a few times as well.

So lets dive into a few things the Phillies need to improve upon after the first 9 games of the season. This is NOT meant to be an overreaction post. I’m not worried about the team and think they will be able to right the ship. But its not perfect in Phillies land and it can always improve.

Here are 5 things that the Phillies need to improve upon before its too late.

  • Base Running Errors Need To Stop

    The Phillies base runners have been running WILD. Sometimes that’s a good thing with aggressiveness paying off. For the Phillies, it hasnt. On Sunday we saw Brandon Marsh get thrown out in between 3rd and home but I put that more on Dusty Wathan, but the fact remains. The Phillies base runners need to be smarter when it comes to being aggressive and being conservative.

  • Depth Is A Problem

    Kudos to you if you knew who Jake Cave, Kody Clemens, Christian Pache. Those are the depth pieces that the Phillies are currently working with because they dont have much. Injuries have taken their toll on the team, But offseason moves like Matt Vierling and Nick Maton for Gregory Soto are giving me a bit of revisionist history. The good news is finding MLB depth is easy during trade deadline.

  • Bullpen Fatigue

    Andrew Bellatti and Connor Brogdon have pitched a lot already. Its only 9 games into the season but Bellatti has appeared in 6 games. Brogdon has appeared in 5 games. It seems like Thompson has a quick hook with the starters and the first pitcher out of the pen. You are going to need these two in crunch time (September and October). I worry that theyll be worn down at this rate.

  • Where Are The Stolen Bases

    The Phillies have 6 stolen bases as a team. They are tied for 13th in MLB in a small sample size. But where are the steals? Trea Turner has ONE stolen base. In a time where the stolen base is UP to only have 6 stolen bases is absurd. Especially considering Turner has led the league in steals twice. He has had opportunities….take off!

  • The Wave

    If youre going to a game, dont do it. It screams “bandwagon” culture. “I am so bored by the product that I would rather mimic the ocean! WOOO!”

    Dont be that person.

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