Monday night, the circus that surrounds the Super Bowl got started out in Arizona as a bevy of media members got there first crack at the Eagles and Chiefs coaches and players during “Opening Night”. Normally this is a time for some weird and wacky soundbites to come out based on out-of-left-field questions from media members that don’t normally cover the NFL, but this year, it seemed to be a particularly strange night for questions. They ranged from idiotic, to crazy, to down right uncomfortable, and frankly, the NFL needs to find a better way to control the content on this night for years going forward.

Listen, I’m not anti-fun. I love a good “Is the Super Bowl a must win?” question as much as the next guy. That being said, though, there’s a line where it goes from a funny question or two because of the limelight of the big game, and making a mockery of the time of players and coaches preparing for the biggest moments of their professional careers. I mean, we had media members asking Nick Sirianni if the Steelers were playing the Eagles who he would be rooting for. The coach of the Eagles, of course, said shortly that he would be rooting for the team that he coaches. Even that dumb question, though, was better than the person who asked Sirianni who on the team he would not let date his daughter. Sirianni took that time to remind everyone that his daughter is FIVE YEARS OLD. What in the world are we doing here people??

I get that people go into that event with a plan to try and make headlines, but what happened this year felt like it crossed the line into sideshow territory. Maybe it’s because I’m so focused on the Eagles being in the big game this year, but it really irked me how many ridiculous questions were tossed out. The NFL would do well to limit the lines of questioning a little bit better for next year’s Super Bowl, not strictly to football questions, but to ones that actually make some kind of logical sense. Oh well, at least it’s over with for this year. One day closer to Super Sunday.