Stop me if you heard this one before: Chris Simms is spewing more garbage about Jalen Hurts’ ability to play the quarterback position. Chris Simms, who somehow gets paid to talk about sports for a living, has gained notoriety in the Philadelphia area recently for some totally asinine comments about Jalen Hurts’ value to this year’s Eagles team. Simms, who ahead of this season ranked Hurts as the 25th best QB in football behind names like Zach Wilson, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan, clearly has some type of unfounded vendetta against the Eagles’ signal caller, and it has led to some very misguided “analysis” over the course of this season. Earlier this year, Simms actually said the following when Jalen Hurts was injured and replaced by Gardner Minshew for a couple of games:

“They have the best O-Line in football, 2nd best WR duo, a great TE… There’s just no way he’s more valuable than Mahomes, Allen, or Burrow. No way. If Minshew is in, the Eagles are still damn good, I’m sorry.”

At the time, Hurts was the odds on favorite to win NFL MVP, and the Minshew led Eagles went on to lose their next 2 games before Hurts led them to victory in his Week 18 return. 0-1 Mr. Simms. You would think that he would learn from stupidity of the past, but no! Chris Simms instead got upset at people in Philly for calling him out about his completely wrong take. Just watch this video of him losing it on air:


First of all, dude, grow up. Don’t get upset because people are not letting you get away with being totally wrong about one of the best players in football this year and refusing to admit you are wrong. Simms sounded completely unprofessional in his ranting against ESPN, and he probably should’ve just stopped talking about Hurts altogether at that point. Shockingly, though, he didn’t learn his lesson then either. Check out this clip following the Eagles’ win over the Giants this weekend:


Ok, it’s clear at this point he’s just trolling. Daniel Jones equal to Jalen Hurts? That man either doesn’t know football, or is intentionally saying stupid stuff for attention. I believe it’s the latter, and for that reason, I am never mentioning his name again on air or in writing after this article. Don’t take the bait. Chris Simms (last mention ever) doesn’t deserve an ounce of your attention ever again.