ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined the John Kincade Show for his weekly hit (Wednesdays at 8:10) and discussed the Eagles and Giants Saturday night showdown. This will be the third time this season that the two teams have played each other, but the first playoff game between the two since 2009. While the Eagles havent looked right the past few weeks of the season, the Giants are coming off a really nice win against the Vikings in Wild Card Weekend.

So what Eagles team are we getting? The team that was 13-1 at one point, or the team that struggled in the last month of the season? Adam Schefter weighed in;

“Momentum is a real thing in football; when you’re rolling you’re rolling, just like the middle of the year the Eagles were rolling… Are they going to be able to just recapture that magic right away on Saturday, or is it going to take a little bit of time? And we’re not going to know until we see it, and they’re not going to know.” 

The fact is though, the NFC picture has THREE teams left from the NFC East. Impressive indeed and its something Schefter and the rest of the league have noticed.

“It’s pretty simple: there are 3 really good teams [in the NFC], and the Giants are an upstart team. I think they’re dangerous on Saturday, I do. Are they as good as the Eagles? No they’re not. Does that mean that the Eagles are going to win the game? No.”