SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 11: Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers a keynote address at the 2005 Macworld Expo January 11, 2005 in San Francisco, California.

See what Andrew Salciunas found in The Audio Vault today. There is a famous birthday, a famous player banned from his sport, a gutsy call in a National Championship game, and the debut of the iPhone. here is the lineup from today’s Audio Vault.

Clemson Beats Alabama in National Championship

On this day in 2017, Clemson went for a game-winning TD vs Alabama instead of kicking an FG for a tie, and it worked. DeShaun Watson hit Hunter Renfrow in the endzone, to give Clemson to lead with just a second left on the clock. It was one of the gutsiest calls in recent history. And Andrew grabbed the audio of the game-winning TD to play in the Vault today, which is fitting because tonight is the Georgia-TCu National Championship Game.

Pete Rose Banned From Baseball

On this day in 1991, Pete Rose was officially banned from the game of baseball for gambling. And to mark the date, Andrew grabbed a newsreel with reporters and fans reacting to the choice.

Happy Birthday Muggsy Bouges

It is also Muggsy Bouges’s birthday! Muggsy is the shortest player to ever play basketball. The 5-foot-3 guard averaged 7.7 points across 889 games in the NBA. And he also had a decent role in a movie that had a large impact on many of our childhoods. Because he was one of the NBA Players who had their talent stolen in Space Jame to help create the Monstars. And Andrew grabbed the Basketball Jones scene from the film where Muggsy and his fellow NBA players are trying to figure out what went wrong with them that cost them their talent.

The First iPhone Announced

On this day in 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone. The birth of the smartphone. Now we take smartphones for granted, but at the time it was a big deal. And Andrew grabbed the audio of Steve Jobs announcing the product in front of investors and customers.

You can listen to the full Audio Vault below