by John Kincade

Santa Claus takes care of the toys for the kids, but the adults many times are just fending for themselves. Giving gifts many years though can be a complicated affair. Finding the right present for someone on your shopping list can take various web searches and picking the brain of others to narrow down the target. Not this year, as long as you have a Philly sports fan on your shopping list! The possibilities are endless.

I’m thinking about those (11-1) Philadelphia Eagles who are charging towards the playoffs with the potential of gaining the top seed. Earlier this year at Rally House I picked up an Eagles jersey at one of our remote broadcasts. I only had a Zach Ertz jersey and was looking to update to the current roster. Think of all the choices! I went with AJ Brown in the black jersey. I’ve never owned one before and many guys of my generation have gravitated away from the black option. You have new players like Jordan Davis who should be stalwarts for a while. Hasson Reddick has finally found himself a permanent type landing spot and he wears a cool number. The Jalen Hurts Number One truly seems like the safest choice if you are making a long term investment. He’s a rising star and is about to get paid. Nobody is going to dislike that selection!

As long as we are talking jerseys, I know the Phillies merchandise hasn’t been the hottest seller these past few holiday seasons, but after this year you might want to think ahead. Grabbing a Bryce Harper model would thrill any Phillies fan, but now you could also pull the trigger on a Trae Turner jersey. Either one is the long term play and will help get you through the cold winter ahead before the 2023 season dawns.

What about tickets being the choice this year? I’m always the guy who would prefer going to an event over a thing. Lifetime memories are worth more to me than something I might end up throwing away in a few years. The Phillies should be the hot ticket in town next season. What about a small ticket plan? How about just grabbing tickets to an individual game on the secondary market? Opening Day would be a great idea.

Im not short changing the 76ers, but the team hasn’t really nudged either of the other teams out of the headlines and who do you invest in long term other than Tyrese Maxey? That jersey would always be a hit but Christmas 2022 won’t be remembered for the basketball team.

Smaller items? How about a 2022 Phillies NL Champions license plate frame? I asked Santa Claus for one. I love the Tervis Tumblers and use one every morning. I love getting new ones from my favorite sports teams. They are functional and a great value.

The big splurge? Get on that secondary market and try yo secure Eagles playoff tickets once they clinch a berth. I promise you that if you want to create Christmas energy, a few weeks of anticipation looking ahead to that first home playoff game would be wild!

Botyom line? Get moving on this! You have 16 days left!


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