by John Kincade

World Series Ticket Prices

Everyone knows the thrill of attending a big game. Unfortunately, not every fan is going to be able to afford the price of admission, especially since the secondary market seems to be driving prices through the roof. If you listen, you know that I am a devout capitalist. I love players and coaches getting every dollar that they can for their services. There is something about the local teams letting so many tickets end up on third party websites that annoys me. Is that a contradiction? Maybe.

I am not paying $1,000 to stand at a baseball game, ever. There are memories to be made around this World Series run. I’ve watched games in Arizona with listeners at a bar, I’ve been to games in the stands and the press box. I watched the clincher in my own “KINCAVE”. Every one was a special memory. None of them cost me thousands of dollars. God Bless anyone who gets to go. Those prices make my couch so much more attractive. What about you?

Flying under the local radar may be good for this young Eagles team

When a young, coming together team starts to gel and lands on the national stage as the “IT Team” it always concerns me how they will react. For the 2022 Eagles, it might not matter. They get the cover of the World Series carrying them through the next 2 games. The Eagles are double digit favorites in their game vs the Steelers on Sunday. They will then on a short week play the Houston Texans on a Thursday night. The irony of facing Houston on what COULD be the Eve of a critical Game 6 is amazing. The Eagles have gotten some rest and need to focus on what will be a critical 10 day stretch. They can’t afford to let any one of these games slip. The Giants are 6-1 and the Cowboys are 5-2.

76ers look like a team that needs more time, but do they have it?

I have always hated how the 76ers excuse makers have used the “we needed more time” to explain why they fell short of expectations. This year they remade the roster and 4 games in is no time to make judgments. I also won’t be saying give them more time if this team doesn’t start to roll by the start of 2023. This franchise has created a lot of their own built in excuses. I don’t want to hear it. This team is talented enough to win the Eastern Conference. There should be no excuses.

Flyers Impressive Start

The Flyers at 4-2 have got people talking around the NHL. What is completely apparent is that John Tortorella is as advertised. He’s a teacher. He’s a motivator. He understands how to work with the talent that he’s given. It’s a more professional approach. It’s refreshing. Will it last? That’s doubtful, but I’m entertained. That’s all I ask at this point in their process.

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