by John Kincade

The Phillies winning the opener in the NLCS last night in San Diego has helped poor more gasoline on the fire of excitement. So much so that they are even managing to over shadow the best Eagles start in 18 seasons. If I had told you just 16 days ago that the Phillies would be 3 wins from the World Series you wouldn’t have believed it. They have managed to create an atmosphere of confidence. The Eagles have rode so much confidence to their bye week and now the Flyers are even feeling it! What a great time to be alive!

– I love seeing the Phillies change the narrative on their 2022 season. It was imperative that they did so, but 6 post season wins already is blowing away any expectation that I had in September. What is clear is that Rob Thomson knows how to push the right buttons. It’s OK to question his moves, but it’s not OK to complain about them. I’m surprised the way that everything worked out, taking Wheeler out after 7 innings was highly questionable. Dominguez and Alvarado were lights out. I can’t wait to see what Nola does this afternoon.

– The Eagles 6-0 start is even more impressive when you realize that they have so much to fix. The Eagles are currently 2nd worst in yards allowed per rush attempt. I think that is more of a product of them jumping out to big leads and then being so focused on pass protection that they get soft against the run. It can be adjusted to. This is a team on a roll where the Head Coach can still demand improvement and have the players ears.

– The Flyers 3-0 start is shocking the NHL. They were expected to struggle mightily and it’s only 3 of 82, but you can see the improvement. You can also tangibly say, this team is better. Their current 3 game winning streak to start this season is on the heels of last season where they only had ONE. They also have come from 2 goals down to win a game in their last 2 contests. In 82 games last season that only happened TWICE. John Tortorella didn’t want to hear about the word rebuild. I’m wondering if he is a prophet. Let’s discuss this again after about 25 games!

– The 76ers lost their opener. I don’t care. It’s one game of 82. My thoughts on the 76ers this season won’t change in small sample sizes. James Harden looks great but if everyone could breathe I would appreciate it.