by John Kincade

  • The Phillies thrilling victory in Game One of the NLDS guarantees them a weekend full of baseball at Citizens Bank Park, unless they pull off a miracle sweep. The Braves were the only team with a bye to lose their opening game at home. That shouldn’t faze the Braves as they lost the last game of the NLDS last year in Milwaukee. They rebounded to win 3 straight to advance back to the NLCS. It might seem strange, but Game 2 feels like more of a must win to the Phillies than the Braves. As I said earlier, I find it hard to believe they win without taking both the Wheeler and Nola starts.
  • The Nick Castellanos redemption tour got off to an excellent start in Game One. We talked about it on the show this past week. A player that has a terrible regular season can find their way into the Fans Winners Circle with a couple of big weeks on the post season stage. What Castellanos did with his bat and glove was exactly what the doctor ordered for his reputation. If he ends up leading this team to the NLCS, all will be forgiven.
  • Let the Cowboys blink. Let them rush back Dak Prescott. Let them be the ones to over react to the importance of the 6th game of the season. I’m not saying that Sunday night isn’t a huge game. I’m just telling you that we have seen this before. Dallas wanting to win a banner in October. The season is a slow burn, it’s meant to be on simmer. Cook with high heat and the meal can get burned. The Cowboys believe they grab this early game and they could close the Eagles out on Christmas Eve in Dallas. Hustling back Dak Prescott seems like a panic move.
  • Tomorrow morning we will be at center ice for the Flyers Home Opener. I’ve never seen a season that was being met with such disdain and disinterest. The Flyers obviously made this bed and they have to sleep in it. It’s their old road map that drove the car into the ditch. What will the season be? I’m sure it won’t be as bad as the “experts” are predicting. I’m confident that the product on the ice will be improved. I’m sure John Tortorella will bring more accountability to the team. I’m not expecting anything EXCEPT more effort and professionalism. This is a rebuild. No doubt about it. You can either jump on board or be constantly annoyed. I’ll choose to try and be positive for as long as it lasts.
  • We are a week away from the 76ers opening their season. Optimism is at a relatively all time high. I’ve already placed the following wagers on the Bet Parx App; Over 50.5 wins, Division Champions and Eastern Conference Champions. I might as well put some cash down on them winning the title too, but haven’t pulled that trigger yet. It should be a very special season.