Its a matter of WEEKS before the Sixers tip it off in Boston for the opening night of the 2022-2023 season. The Sixers have MASSIVE expectations after trading for James Harden last year at the deadline, and loading up in free agency with a ton of depth pieces. We have also seen Joel Embiid take his game to a whole new level last season where he should have won MVP but the NBA voters are a bunch of nerds who hate justifying “the process.”…..I’m not bitter though….

The mood of the fan base this season, compared to last season is like night and day. A year ago the Sixers fan base was wondering if/when a trade of Ben Simmons would go down. He had just returned to practice, and subsequently got kicked out. It finally culminated in the Harden trade and all of a sudden good vibes followed.

Anthony Gargano, Devon Givens, and Bob Cooney were all down at Sixers media day and interviewed members of the team, and the organization.

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Tobias Harris joined Anthony Gargano

Sixers coach Doc Rivers chatted it up with the Cuz

Sixers president Daryl Morey sat down to talk about his feelings on this current roster

The man who shouldve won the MVP, Joel Embiid joined Anthony Gargano and Cuz was in his GLORY

New Sixers star James Harden got his first introduction to Anthony