PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 29: Defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon of the Philadelphia Eagles cheers on his team during training camp at the NovaCare Complex on July 29, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

All ayes were on Jonathan Gannon after the collapse by the Eagles’ defense almost cost them a victory in Detroit. The Lions scored a TD in 4 of their last 5 possessions. They pulled out a 38-35 win still. But for many fans giving up 35 points to the Lions was not good enough. Especially from a defense that was being hyped up the way they were before the season. Additions like Kyzir White, James Bradberry, Jordan Davis, and Cj Gardner Johnson were supposed to make it so it wasn’t like last year. But Sunday was more of the same.

So what did Gannon have to say in his Tuesday Press Conference after the win? Here are some of the highlights.

On The Struggles in Game 1

“We got to clean it up… Execution needs to be better and that starts with me.”

Well, at least he is taking the responsibility for it. They can’t win playing defense like that. It needs to be better. We will see Monday if they change anything.

When Asked About Jordan Davis’s limited Snaps

“He did a good job when he was in there. He plays his technique well. What we are asking him to do, he did a good job of executing. You know 22 snaps, those guys all played, the 5 DTs that were up. They’ll continue to all play and I think Jordan will continue to maximize the opportunities he is getting.”

There was a lot made of Jordan Davis getting limited snaps Sunday. And we are not getting clear answers as to why. Yesterday Sirianni avoided the question, and today Jonathan Gannon did./ Was it because they are worried about him getting tired given he didn’t get a ton of snaps in Georgia either? Maybe. We won’t find out because they seem to have no interest in telling us

On defending Justin Jefferson This Week

“He’s a special player. I don’t rank guys, but he’s up there. It’s hard to have a plan to always have two guys on him. It’ll be a challenge, and we’ll be up for it.”

Justin Jefferson leaves week 1 leading all WRs in receiving yards. He hauled in 184 yards and two TDs vs the Packers on Sunday. Defending him is going to be a difficult challenge very few teams have figured out. There were only 5 games all of last year where he failed to get at least 70 yards. And only 8 where he failed to score a TD. He also moves all over the field, so Darius Slay, James Bradberry, and Avonte Maddox will all get their shot at him.