This past Monday, the Eagles announced the end of an era, or rather the end of an error, by agreeing to trade former 2nd round pick JJ Arcega-Whiteside to the Seattle Seahawks for Safety Ugo Amadi. It was a measly return considering the expectations that JJAW had when he first joined the Eagles following the 2019 draft, but came as no surprise considering his complete failure to make any sort of impact in Philadelphia outside of being a “good blocker”. It’s ironic that he ended up being moved to Seattle to play alongside the player that many people wanted over him in the 2nd round back in ’19 in superhero-esque DK Metcalf, but the jersey they wear will be the only way those two players are comparable. Unlike Metcalf, Arcega-Whiteside has been a fringe NFL player at best, but you wouldn’t know it from the hype video that the Seahawks social media team put together to welcome their new “WR” to town.
Have a look:

WOW!! Is that a Pro Bowl WR?? An All-Pro?? A FUTURE HALL OF FAMER???? No. That’s a guy with 290 career NFL yards and 1 touchdown over the course of 3 seasons in the league. I think they fit in all 16 career receptions (no, that’s not hyperbole, he actually only has 16 catches EVER) in that 37 second video. If you asked me how long I thought a JJ Arcega-Whiteside hype video could possibly be, I would’ve guessed somewhere between 7 seconds and nonexistent. But kudos to the Seahawks social team, because they found a way to make one of the worst NFL players we have seen in Philadelphia in recent history look like a bona fide stud. I just feel bad for all of those Hawks faithful that are getting fooled into thinking Arcega-Whiteside could make any type of contribution at the WR position for their team this season. Oh well, they’ll learn soon enough.

Until then, here’s your warning, Seattle:

With family in town, JJ Arcega-Whiteside continues to impress – Delco Times