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by John Kincade

The 76ers benefit from a recency bias when compared to the Flyers

There is a recency bias in play that works completely in the 76ers favor, but it perpetuates a false narrative. That being, that the Flyers organization lives in the past and is a dumpster fire while the 76ers are far more successful. It’s just not true, UNLESS you are just living in the moment.

Fact is, the Flyers are mocked for not winning a cup in the last 47 seasons but the 76ers have gone 39 seasons without a title. 76ers have been to the Final 4, the EC Finals just twice in those 39 seasons and haven’t been in the last 21 seasons. The Flyers have been to the Final 4, the Conference Finals, 9 times since the 76ers won a title…FAR BETTER. I know it’s fashionable to trash the Flyers, but the 76ers are just getting the benefit of fan amnesia.

The 76ers somehow avoid the ridicule for their poor history. Only the Knicks, Hornets and Wizards have longer active steaks of not playing in their Conference Finals. Why do the 76ers not face the snickers and jokes the Flyers do? The answer to that is simple. We all are guilty of being prisoners of moment. We take what happened most recently and place it in far higher regard than actual history. Yet many of us have lived it, understand it and even excuse make for it.

Sixers Opening Night Date Leaked

The Process created its own level of fandom. I won’t go as far as to call it cultish, but it most certainly is a religion of moving the goal posts. There is such a desire to have the plan that failed to produce tangible results bear fruit that excuses are constantly made. Just wait till next year, what if Joel Embiid was healthy, this team needs more than 24 regular season games…we have heard them all. I reject those out of hand but constantly hope we will see a change of direction.

Yes, the Flyers have a very difficult hole to dig themselves out of. They have been on a very rough run. They have a first time in a long time 2 year playoff drought going. It’s not going to be an easy job for John Tortorella but he won’t get the patience that has been afforded the 76ers over and over.

I love a good sports conversation, but an honest one is even better.