EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - NOVEMBER 28: Head coach Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on from the side line during the fourth quarter of the game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on November 28, 2021 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

By Dylan MacKinnon

Stock Down- Jalen Hurts

There is a lot to like about Hurts. He seems like a great dude, his team mates love him, and he is one of the best QBS with his legs I have seen. But can he a consistent QB? We have yet to see him really impress with his arm. At most, he has been good throwing the ball for one half of a Football game at a time. He has looked really bad throwing the ball at times. The Giants game was perhaps his worst yet. And while granted he made a couple impressive throws that could have won the game at the end, it was his terrible play that got them to the point they were relying on a last second TD. Can he improve? Sure. But he needs to start doing so, and he needs to do so very fast.

Stock Down Nick Sirianni

What is so hard about sticking to what works? A run first offense was working. It did so for 4 weeks. You were playing a team that cant stop the run. You were running well against the Giants. So then you go away from it? Granted they did run the ball a decent amount, but they started the game mostly throwing. And then at a pivotal moment of the game, where they were on 3rd down with 2 yards to go, while averaging 6 yards a carry, they threw it. And then they went for it on 4th down, and threw it again. It was a maddening display of incompetency. nd that is all on Sirianni. RUN THE BALL! Your young QB is struggling, and the Giants have no answer for your o line or any of your RBS. This is not difficult, but Sirianni made it so.

Stock Up- The O Line

I have nothing bad to say about this group. The battled just like any week. Jordan Mailata, Lane Johnson, and Landon Dickerson were great like always. Jason Kelce unfortunately missed much of the game, but came back in and battled with the rest of the guys. Jack Driscoll played well before his injury. This is the largest bright spot, and the biggest source of optimism we should have for the future. There are teams that go 10 years without ever having a good o line.

The Eagles have 3 very good players under 25 to build their line around. That makes the rebuild much easier. They will be able to run with whomever is at RB. And whoever is under center, whether it is Hurts or someone else, will have time to throw. As a team, they are 5th in pass block win rate, and 2nd in run block win rate.

Stock Down- Nate Herbig

There was one guy along the line whop had some problems. Nate Herbig filled in for Jason Kelce, and had two penalties. The first erased a long Jalen Hurts run. The second one erased a Boston Scott TD. As a actual blocker Herbig looked fine. But those two penalties really hurt the Eagles, and may have been the difference. They ended up scoring nothing after the Scott TD was brought back. They lost by 6 pts. Going into the Half up 7-3 vs down 3-0 may have completely changed the game. Herbig is going to fill in for the injured Driscoll, likely for the rest of the year. he has to avoid similar penalties.

Stock Down- Jalen Reagor

I hate to keep picking on the same guy, but we cant avoid it this week. Not only has he been unproductive, but now he is actively hurting them. He had the game winning TD in his hands. But he dropped it. Twice. If he catches either of those passes not only are the Eagles in one of those wildcard spots, but Reagor could have erased all the bad will directed at him. No longer is he the guy who never shows up. he is the hero who saved the season. And now? Now he is Public enemy number 1 with people calling for him to be cut. Wanting him to be cut is ridiculous because there is nothing to gain from doing so. But the point remains, he has time after time failed to step up. And Sunday was the worst example of it.

Stock Up- Darius Slay

Slay is not only a Pro Bowler, he has a case for All Pro. He didn’t make some crazy big play this game, but he still shut the other side down. Week after week he shuts his side of the field down. The defense has at times been awful. But it has never been because of Slay. He has been phenomenal.

Stock Up- Avonte Maddox

And don’t let Slay’s amazing play overshadow what Maddox is doing. Now back in the slot, he has been maybe the best nickel corner in the league. Having these two at corner for at least one more year is another solid piece of foundation to build upon. They may need another outside corner, and that is hopefully a hole they can address with one of their 3 first round picks. But with Maddox playing well, and now under contract for the foreseeable future, they have Nickel corner locked in.

Stock Down- Howie Roseman

All the problems on this team come back to one man. Howie Roseman. Who drafted Jalen Reagor over Justin Jefferson? Howie. How drafted Jalen Hurts and pushed out Carson Wentz? Howie. Who hired Nick Sirianni? Howie. How has failed to draft any linebackers or safeties? Howie. In my opinion, he has outstayed his welcome. He has gotten so many chances and still is not really fixing anything. Does he do some stuff well? Sure. He has even had some good draft picks. But overall, he has not been good enough to survive as many head coaches as he has. He should have left with Doug Pederson. Now he is likley to stay at least one more year.