Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show on Monday at 9:30am as he does every Monday to talk about the frustrations on the offensive side of the ball in the game vs. the Seahawks on Sunday.

When it was announced the Donovan would be joining the show every week, a majority of feedback we got was something along the lines of this, “why have him on every week, just so he can bash Carson Wentz?!?”. You get the gist, that hasn’t even come close to happening at all this season & Donovan had every opportunity to bury Wentz after Sunday’s performance, it was after all one of his worst games ever as an Eagle. It’s almost as if Donovan can sympathize with how hard it is to be the “franchise QB” with not much help around him. This in no way excuses Wentz’s performance on Sunday but he was without Alshon Jeffrey, Nelson Agholor (teams #1 & #2 WR’s), Jordan Howard (teams #1 RB) & the entire pro-bowl right side of the offensive line in Lane Johnson & Brandon Brooks, that’s staggering. And no, it does not excuse missing Miles Sanders on a 3 yard screen pass, or throwing behind Zach Ertz on a 3rd down or other mistakes he made but in fairness, the Eagles offensive personnel was way behind the 8 ball on Sunday. Health returning to some of these players might just be the recipe needed to get Wentz out of his slump.

Dan Orlovsky from ESPN put out a video yesterday of 3 particular plays that show Carson needs help from his WR’s. It again doesn’t excuse him but it does show how a lack of help from teammates can compound an already existing issue, watch for yourself…

Donovan is still optimistic that the Eagles can win the division because the Cowboys are as much of a mess as the Eagles are. They’re just messes in different kinds of ways. Dallas has shown an inability to finish out games they should win, in particular the Jets game which could end up biting them ultimately in the end. The Eagles can just never seem to get in particular games. A difference in a mediocrity but mediocre none the less. The Eagles finish out the year vs. 3 different 2 win teams in the Dolphins, the Redskins & 2 vs. the Giants. It could all very easily come down to that final game vs. the Cowboys & it will undoubtedly be the biggest game of Carson Wentz’s career if it comes to fruition. Let’s hope that the Eagles can handle their business & the Cowboys can’t handle theirs.

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