Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show on Monday morning at 9:30 am as he always does & when Donovan examines this team, he sees inconsistencies from the coaching staff to the QB to the skill position players, in other words, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Simply put, Donovan is right. The coaching staff can be helping the QB more than they are & the skill position players, especially the WR’s can certainly give Carson more help. And none of this is being a “Wentz apologist” either. It’s just the facts. Nelson Agholor was recently rated by PFF as the leagues worst WR & Mack Hollins hasn’t had a catch in nearly 2 months. It’s not harping on being negative but ever since Desean Jackson went down, they’ve been desperate for help on the outside. As of this week, Desean Jackson (IN ONE GAMEEEEEE) is still responsible for 18.73% of all the Eagles WR yards this season. Think about that, it’s week 12 in the NFL & a guy that has played in 1 game is still responsible for nearly 20% of the teams total production at the position. That’s staggering & very concerning if you have real playoff aspirations still.

Donovan talks about making things easier on Carson, which is true but there are several ways to go about doing that. One is getting more production from your skill position players, which is obvious but another is to get more help with the play calls & play design. That falls on Doug & offensive coordinator Mike Groh to get the QB in the best possible positions to succeed. It could be play design, it could be forcing him to get rid of the ball quicker, it could be better route design for the WRs, it could be getting the running game going better or it could be utilizing Goedert more in the 12 formation sets. Whatever it is, something has to change with this offense & Donovan began to wonder how much of an advantage Frank Reich was for head coach Doug Pederson & Carson Wentz…

Donovan is far from alone in this thinking. A lot of fans have noted the differences in not only Carson in 2017 but the overall offense & play design was more “innovative” & fun to the naked eye than the last two seasons have. Not only did the offense look better, but Carson Wentz looked like an MVP candidate. Carson appears to be locking in on particular players, not going through his full progressions & then when the players aren’t open, holding on to the ball too long which leads to a lot of the offenses problems. Carson is not without blame in this as it appears he missed some wide open guys on Sunday & had perhaps his worst game as an Eagle missing somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-10 throws that game. He needs to be better, the coaches need to be better & well, the WR’s need to attempt to be better, let’s hope a healthier Alshon Jeffrey returning from injury can stabilize the WR corps….or not much is going to change with this offense.