Donovan McNabb joined the Farzetta & Tra morning show on Monday as he does every week at 9:30 am to discuss the team as they enter the 2nd half of the season post bye week. Donovan thinks the Eagles have a great chance of winning the NFC East after the Dallas Cowboys fell to the Minnesota Vikings on SNF, he just thinks Carson needs some help for them to do so.

Most people expect McNabb to put more blame on Carson Wentz than he does, that’s their expectations yet he hasn’t done that at all this year. Donovan feels some of the pains Carson is going through. He sees a lack of guys making plays for Carson & it’s something he was familiar with during his early years in Philadelphia. Starting fast with the offense is something Donovan does want to see, the fans want to see, the coaches want to see & hell, even Carson Wentz and the offense wants to see. Executing on it is another story. Donovan thinks getting Carson in a groove early in the game will be the best thing for this offense. Simple play calls & simple execution, sounds simple doesn’t it? Donovan and many others note that Carsons at his best once he gets in the groove of 4, 5 & maybe 6 passes in a row. Carson much like almost any athlete, is at their best when the confidence starts growing. The biggest order that Doug Pederson & Mike Groh face in the 2nd half of the season is getting this offense off to better starts early in games.

For the offense to get off to those better starts, Carson is going to need some play-makers to step up here and make some plays for him. With the addition of Jordan Matthews (role TBD…) and hopefully a healthier Alshon Jeffrey & the rushing attack they have, Carson needs play-makers to make plays now. Simple, right? Donovan sees the same things, will Nelson step up? Will they target Sanders more in the passing game? Will Zach Ertz get back to his 2018 numbers? All of those would much improve the offense & Carson’s performance.

It will be interesting to see what this Eagles offense has in store now coming out of the bye. First test? The best defense in the NFL this year that’s running a cover zero defense that is giving teams fits. They blitz, they cover, they get pressure & they have good LB’ing play. The recipe that Baltimore showed you two weeks ago was you can gash them on the ground. With a zero coverage defense, the other thing that could beat them is play-makers on the outside. Expect the Patriots to have Gilmore guard Ertz to negate the Eagles best receiving option, so it’s gonna fall on some WR’s making plays out there. The real season starts now & Donovan thinks the Eagles are in a great spot to win the division & get Wentz to his first ever playoff game.

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