Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

Mid-days With Bob Cooney: Weekdays 10am – 2pm

PHOENIX, AZ - MAY 12: Chase Utley #26 of the Philadelphia Phillies high-fives Jimmy Rollins #11 after scoring a 10th inning run against the Arizona Diamondbacks during the MLB game at Chase Field on May 12, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. And even if things have not been ideal recently in the Philly Sports world, we wanted to talk about the things we love today in Philly sports. Specifically, our most beloved Philly Athletes. So for our Instagram, we asked all of the on-air staff which Philly athlete they love the most.

What was interesting is how many of them went for a Phillies player. There were 3 Chase Utleys, two Jimmy Rollins, along with a Roy Halladay, a Ryan Howard, and a Carlos Ruiz. Only 1 person picked a Sixers player, and two went the Eagles route. One Flyer got an honorable mention but was not the final pick. You can say it is because the 2008 Phillies won it all, but so did the Eagles in 2017. Only 1 player from that team made the list. And as one commenter on our Instagram immediately pointed out, nobody picked B-Dawk or Jason Kelce.

So what is it about that 2008 team that made us love them so much? Out of the 11 answers, 7 played for that team. Another joined the team two years later. And one of us named both of their pets after players on that 2008 team, J-Roll and Cat Burrell. It seems like at least among our staff, our heart is with that Phillies team still.

Find out who each host picked below. The full video from our Instagram can be found at the bottom of the page.

Here are the most beloved Philly Athletes for every Fanatic host:


  • Tyrone Johnson- Charles Barkley

    Charles Barkley #34, Power Forward and Small Forward for the Philadelphia 76ers looks on with hands on hips during the NBA Pacific Division basketball game against the Los Angeles Lakers on 28th December 1988 at the Great Western Forum arena in Inglewood, Los Angeles, California, United States. The Lakers won the game 128 - 123..

    “My most beloved Philly athlete ever is Charles Barkley. By a pretty wide margin. AI is maybe 2nd or 3rd. But yea, it is definitely Barkley.”

  • Pat Egan- Jimmy Rollins

    PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 27: Jimmy Rollins #11 of the Philadelphia Phillies rounds the bases after hitting a solo home run in the first inning of the game against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park on August 27, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    “Alright, Dawkins immediately came to mind. But I named my dog J-Roll, after Jimmy Rollins. I’m a huge Phillies fan. And I am very passionate about the fact he is a Hall of Famer.”

  • Andrew Salciunas- Carlos Ruiz

    PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 06: Roy Halladay #34 and Carlos Ruiz #51 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrate Halladay's no-hitter and the win in Game 1 of the NLDS against the Cincinnati Reds at Citizens Bank Park on October 6, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    “The number 1 answer is Nick Foles. But I am not going to do that. Let’s go with Chooch. I loved Chooch. He was awesome, great catcher.”

  • Jen Scordo- Donovan McNabb

    ARLINGTON, TX - JANUARY 09: Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game at Cowboys Stadium on January 9, 2010 in Arlington, Texas.

    “This was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. My first thought went to Allen Iverson since he was the first Philly player when I was still living in Georgia I fully attached myself to. But then I got here, and McNabb was playing. So he is probably it. Though you know I love Joel Embiid, he is my best friend. And wait isn’t there a guy we work with who played pro sports? Ricky Bottalico?”

  • Ricky Bottalico- Jimmy Rollins

    PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 19: Jimmy Rollins #11 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrates after he hit a game-winning walkoff 2-run double to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-4 as Casey Blake #23 of the Dodgers walks off the field dejected in Game Four of the NLCS during the 2009 MLB Playoffs at Citizens Bank Park on October 19, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    “I gotta go with Jimmy Rollins. I got to play with Jimmy in his younger days. Quite frankly I believe he belongs in the Hall of Fame. He will definitely be in the Wall of Fame.”

  • Tom Alvord- Chase Utley

    PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 8: Second baseman Chase Utley #26 of the Philadelphia Phillies hits a double in the bottom of the ninth inning against the New York Mets on August 8, 2014 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    “I was very close to picking Bryce Harper. I was bullied out of it by the rest of the Fanatic staff. If he wins a World Series, I think he goes to number 1. But I’ll have to say Chase Utley is my favorite.”

  • Ray Dunne- Ryan Howard

    PHILADELPHIA, PA - AUGUST 30: Ryan Howard #6 of the Philadelphia Phillies hits a two run home run in the bottom of the seventh inning against the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park on August 30, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Nationals defeated the Phillies 3-2.

    “Ryan Howard. I love home runs. Enough said.”

  • John Kincade- Nick Foles

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN - FEBRUARY 04: Nick Foles #9 of the Philadelphia Eagles celebrates with his daughter Lily Foles after his 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on February 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots 41-33.

    “It comes down between two. They both gave me a championship. I am going to go with Nick Foles. But man I wanted to say Jimmy Rollins.”

  • Connor Thomas- Roy halladay

    MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 04: Roy Halladay #34 of the Philadelphia Phillies pitches during a game against the Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium on September 4, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida.

    “Number 1 all-time for me has to be Roy Halladay. He was great. He was a great preparer. He was just class the whole way”

  • Bob Cooney- Chase Utley

    LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 27: Chase Utley #26 of the Philadelphia Phillies returns to the dugout after hitting a homerun in the seventh inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

    “Now I am older than a lot of you looking at this right now. So most beloved Philly athlete of All-Time, is probably Bernie Parent. But I’ll take it closer to your guy’s age, and I will say during your guy’s time, Chase Utley. Because you are the man.”

  • Watch the full video below

    Be sure to comment under the Instagram reel who your most beloved Philly athlete of all time is. Did our hosts get it right? Should there be more Eagles on the list? Did the Sixers and Flyers not get enough love? Let us know what you think of our picks.

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