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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 14: Rhys Hoskins #17 of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrates by spiking his bat after hitting a three-run home run against Spencer Strider #65 of the Atlanta Braves during the third inning in game three of the National League Division Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 14, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For years, going back further than almost anyone else on the Phillies, Rhys Hoskins has been a mainstay with the Phillies. He came up in August of 2017, and was a regular in the Phillies lineup for every following season, apart from last year where he was out all year with an injury. But that time has come to an end. Back in November, Dave Dombrowski confirmed that Bryce Harper will be the Phillies First Basemen going forward, leaving nowhere for Rhys to play. And last night, we learned that Rhys was heading to Milwaukee to play for the Brewers.

Hoskins and Aaron Nola were the only Phillies left standing from the 2017 team. Now only Nola remains. When Hoksins made his debut, the Phillies lineup included guys like Maikel Franco, Cesar Hernandez, Freddy Galvis, and Odubel Herrera.

In his 6 seasons, he hit 148 Hrs, had 405 RBIs, and an OPS of .846. His bat was a bit hot and cold. But when it was hot, he looked like the most dangerous hitter in the league. There were also issues with his glove. Rhys was not a good first baseman. He was even worse the one year they put him in the outfield. Rhys should have been a DH. But for most of his career here there was no universal DH. And in 2022 Harper needed to DH because of his injury.

Now it is all over. But while we say goodbye, let’s look back at some of our fondest memories. From his scorching hot start as a rookie, to giving us something to watch in the dark ages of no playoffs, to his playoff heroics in 2022, and more. Rhys Hoskins did a lot of good for the city of Philadelphia, and his bat will be missed.

Here are 8 of the Best Moments of Rhys Hoskins Career With The Phillies:


  • The First HR of His Career

    The start of Rhy’s career here was as great as it gets. 18 Hrs in his first 50 games. He was hitting HRs nearly every night and became the fastest player to hit multiple milestones to start his career. But his first HR came in San Deigo against the Padres.

  • Rhys Hoskins Grand Slam on Opening Day in 2019

    A couple of years after Rhys made his debut, things started to get a bit better for the Phillies. Notably, they signed Bryce Harper, traded for JT Realmuto, among other moves. And that era started with a bang. There were lots of HRs, but Rhys hit the biggest one when they walked Harper to load the bases ahead of him. Rhys took that personally and put the Phillies up 10-3 with one swing of the bat.

  • Rhys Takes a LOOONG Time Rounding The Bases Vs The Mets

    NBC Sports Philadelphia on Twitter: "Thrown at last night, homer tonight!Hoskins hits a 2-R HR and his slow trot around the bases is a thing of beauty. pic.twitter.com/nh8PGnvL2r / Twitter"

    Thrown at last night, homer tonight!Hoskins hits a 2-R HR and his slow trot around the bases is a thing of beauty. pic.twitter.com/nh8PGnvL2r

    Dont make Rhys Hoskins angry. The night before this HR, Mets Pitcher Jacob Rhames had thrown two pitches up near Hoskin’s head. It led to the benches clearing. The following night, Hoskins got his revenge. He hit a 2 run shot off Rhames and then took his time rounding the bases. Rhys took 34.23 seconds to be exact. For context, Bartolo Colon got around the bases 4 seconds faster. Creating beef with the Mets is a sure way to win the hearts of Phillies fans. And this was a great moment of showing up the Mets.

  • Rhys Hoskins Walk Off Single Vs the Marlins in 2022

    It does not get much better than walk-offs. And Rhys had a great one in June of 2022. It was actually the second walk-off of that series vs the Marlins.

  • The Bat Spike

    FOX Sports: MLB on Twitter: "OH MY GOODNESS PHILLY IS ROCKING!HOSKINS 3 RUN SHOT!📺: FS1 and the FOX Sports App pic.twitter.com/dTzCym83M6 / Twitter"

    OH MY GOODNESS PHILLY IS ROCKING!HOSKINS 3 RUN SHOT!📺: FS1 and the FOX Sports App pic.twitter.com/dTzCym83M6

    And then, of course, there is the moment everyone will remember him for the most. The Bat Spike. Not just because how how big it was in the moment, but because of what led up to it. Rhys had been a mess in the field. His mistake in the field cost them game 2 vs the Braves. He was getting booed by fans leading up to the moment. Then, with one swing, he won the fans back over.

  • Rhys Hits Two HRs in Game 4 Vs The Padres

    Rhys was amazing vs the Padres in the NLCS. Especially in game 4. First, he came up in the first inning and helped close the deficit after the Padres took a quick 4-0 lead. Schwarber led off the inning with a single, and then Hoskins cut the lead in half with a 2 run blast. But he was not done. Because in the bottom of the 5th, with the Phillies down 6-4, he did it again. He tied the game up, Harper gave them the lead two at-bats later, and the team never looked back.

  • Rhys Hoskins Go Ahead Shot in Game 5 Of The NLCS

    Were it not for Harpers’ game-winning HR in this same game, Hoskins easily could have been the NLCS MVP. Because earlier in the game, Hoskins hit a 2 run shot of his own. With Schwarber on base, Hoskins took Yu Darvish yard to give the Phillies a 2-0 lead. The Phillies eventually blew that lead, but it was huge in the moment considering Zack Wheeler was on the mound.

  • Rhys Hoskins HR In Game 3 of The World Series

    Game 3 felt like it was a turning point for the Phillies. It was  HR Derby. 5 HRs on the way to a 7-0 win. And Rhys was the 5th to go yard off of Lance McCullers. It turns out the Phillies never won another game in that series. It also turns out this was his last HR in a Phillies Jersey.

  • You Can Listen to Andrew And Ray Play Back Some Of These Moments Below

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