INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - MARCH 01: Quinyon Mitchell #DB27 of Toledo participates in the 40-yard dash during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 01, 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Philadelphia Eagles might finally draft a cornerback this year. It has been over two decades since they spent a1st on Lito Shepard in 2022. Since then, nothing on day 1 of the draft. But all off-season, we have heard Eagles beat reporters tease that the trend might come to an end this season. The dire need at cornerback, and the plethora of good corners in this draft, seems like a recipe for them to finally grab one on day 1 of the draft. One name to keep an eye on there, Toldeo’s Quinyon Mitchell.

The 3-year starter turned heads at the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine. His speed jumps off the screen. Not just at the Combine, but in game situations. Speed is something the Eagles secondary sorely lacked in 2023. But if you look closer, his play might be even more impressive than his blazing speed. He put up impressive numbers the past two seasons. Add on his crazy speed, he makes for an intriguing prospect.

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Andrew Dicecco talked about why Quinyon Mitchell is his favorite CB in the draft when he joined the station

But will all of those things translate to the NFL? Does his athleticism make him more desirable than other corners in the draft? Should we be concerned about the level of competition he faced in College?

Let’s get to know the potential Eagles draft pick a little better. From what has his stock on the rise, to his loyalty impressing people at Toledo. We have what you need to know about Quinyon Mitchell before draft night.

Here are 5 things you should know about potential Eagles draft pick Quinyon Mitchell:

  • The Fastest Kid Alive

    The first thing that stands out about Mitchell is his speed. He caught a lot of people’s attention with his 4.33 40 time at the combine. Only Nate Wiggins had a faster 40 among corners. Mitchell also posted a 38” Vertical, and a Broad Jump of 10-2.

    But he is not just fast when running in shorts with no pads. His top speed in a game last season topped out at a whopping 23.58. That is the same top speed as Tyreek Hill.

    Speed is something the Eagles have sorely lacked in their secondary. Especially last season. But Mitchell has more than enough speed. Production aside, you can know for sure you are getting an elite athlete if you select Mitchell.

    NFL on Twitter: "4.33u ‼️@ToledoFB DB Quinyon Mitchell was FLYING.📺: #NFLCombine on @nflnetwork📱: Stream on #NFLPlus pic.twitter.com/We7EdoMm5s / Twitter"

    4.33u ‼️@ToledoFB DB Quinyon Mitchell was FLYING.📺: #NFLCombine on @nflnetwork📱: Stream on #NFLPlus pic.twitter.com/We7EdoMm5s

  • Showed Out At The Senior Bowl

    To be honest, he was turning heads even before the combine. It was the Senior Bowl when his name first started to pop on people’s radar as a potential riser in the draft.

    He won rep after rep. Being athletic is one thing, knowing how to use your athleticism effectivly on the Football field is another. And scouts said that at the Senior Bowl, Mithcell looked natural in both man and zone coverage.

    One rep in particular showed how he can use his speed in real situations. He started froma trail position vs USC WR Brendan Rice. But he effortlessly closed the gap, to pull down an interception in the red zone. That is the difference speed can make. It shows that even if he does make a mistake, he has the speed to make up for it.

    Below Daniel Jeremiah breaks down another impressive rep, that demonstrates Mitchell is more than just a speedster.

    Daniel Jeremiah on Twitter: "Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell is the best defensive player at Senior Bowl & this is the best rep of the week! pic.twitter.com/SOBJeZGLlH / Twitter"

    Toledo CB Quinyon Mitchell is the best defensive player at Senior Bowl & this is the best rep of the week! pic.twitter.com/SOBJeZGLlH

  • Elite Production in College

    But what does this all mean in game? You can be a tremendous athlete, and then have no chance on the field. Luckily, he has the numbers to back it up.

    Last season he held opposing QBs to a Passer Rating of 51.1. In 2022 that number was 34.8. He also had 38 pass breakups between those two seasons. His 18 this past season was the second most in the nation.

    The interceptions did fall in 2023. After pulling in 5 in 2022, 2 of which he returned for a TD, he had only 1 last season. Part of that was him dropping 3. Something he still has not let himself live down. But those mistakes aside, he has the makeup of a elite playmaker at the next level. Just look to his 2022 season for proof of that.

    #MACtion on Twitter: ""Catch it like a cornerback, that's an interception (x2)" - B.o.B & @quinbangout14 @ToledoFB | #MACtion pic.twitter.com/mZhIljujrL / Twitter"

    "Catch it like a cornerback, that's an interception (x2)" - B.o.B & @quinbangout14 @ToledoFB | #MACtion pic.twitter.com/mZhIljujrL

  • Should We Be Concerned About Him Being From Toledo?

    One knock may be the competition he played against at Toledo. The Mid-American Conference is not exactly a powerhouse. And you aren’t facing many NFL-caliber WRs there.

    It begs the questions, are CBs from more notable conferences like the BIG 10 and the SEC better in the NFL? Historically, there is some evidence of that. Recently there has been a shift in the wind though.

    Christian Gonzalez had a similar knock on him last season coming out of the Pac 12. It is only 1 year, but he was incredibly impressive his rookie season. Similarly Sauce Gardner out of the AAC turned into one of the bets CBs in the league.

    You can gauge someone’s talent and ability even if their competition is wanting. And if the only knock on a guy is that he is so much better than his competition, it is not the worst thing.

    SportsCenter on Twitter: "Christian Gonzalez with his FIRST career INT 😤👏(via @NFL)pic.twitter.com/pqRDlYbPN5 / Twitter"

    Christian Gonzalez with his FIRST career INT 😤👏(via @NFL)pic.twitter.com/pqRDlYbPN5

  • Stayed Loyal To Toledo

    NIL and the Transfer Portal have turned College Athletics on its head. Players have rightfully used it to their advantage, earning themselves more money and getting themselves into better situations. I have no problem with anyone doing that.

    But it is not the route Mitchell took. Mitchell stayed at Toledo. Even after his amazing 2022 season, when he had a chance to go anywhere he wanted, he stayed at Toledo. And when asked why at the NFL Combine, he cited how important loyalty is to him.

    “Everybody went away, Toledo stayed loyal so I stayed loyal to them.” Mitchell said. “I stay loyal to those who stay loyal to me.”

    That is certainly a desirable trait with anyone you go into business with. And even if none of the players who did move did anything wrong, the fact Mitchell stayed, makes him stick out among the pack.

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