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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - OCTOBER 23: Aaron Nola #27 of the Philadelphia Phillies pitches in the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks during Game Six of the Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 23, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A lot is said about Philadelphia media and how “you are always so negative!” Let me be the first (even though I’m not) to tell you that I, and a lot of my coworkers are fans of all Philadelphia teams. The reason why we may seem “negative” is because we are in the business of reacting and providing opinion.

I don’t feel like a history lesson is necessary, but let’s face it, we haven’t seen that much success if success only means winning championships. 50 years for the Flyers, 40 for the Sixers, 15 for the Phillies, and thank GOD only 6 for the Eagles.

Reacting to teams not winning typically leads to us asking “why?”. For the most part, the “why” will be negative. I don’t hate the Phillies for losing to the Astros in 2022, but I will never forgive them for 2023. I don’t hate the Eagles for losing to a dynasty team in Kansas City, but I will never forgive them for the collapse we witness this past season.

But with all the negative reaction, with all the unfortunate seasons that didn’t end in a championship, the beauty of being a sports fan and working in sports talk is the anticipation for a new season.

In the case of the 2024 Phillies, this isn’t just anticipation to cheer for our favorite team for another beautiful summer in Philadelphia, this is a chance to watch a team filled with high expectations. We talk about the incredible memories of “Red October”, well I love that we can get into a “Red March” or a “Red April”.

With that being said, here are my 5 predictions going into 2024, and for those of you looking for positive predictions, these should be uplifting.

Here are Andrew’s 5 Predictions For The Phillies 2024 Season:

  • Trea Turner Will Be An All-Star

    I think 2024 will be a full season of the Trea Turner we expected to see when he first signed here. After the ovation, Turner put up monster numbers. Numbers that would have put him in the Mid-Summer Classic if he was able to do it in April, May, and June.

    Now that he played a season with the pressure of the monster contract, I think he will be more comfortable to start the year. Is it nonsense that the pressure was too much for him last year after the big payday? Probably. But I am not in Trea Turner’s head. I don’t know how it affected him. I think he comes out the gate strong and will be an All-Star.

  • We See MVP Bryce Harper

    The same goes for Bryce Harper, but maybe even further. I think we get vintage Bryce Harper this season. An All-Star come July, an MVP candidate come September, and a league leader in many offensive statistical categories.

    I think last postseason bothered Harper more than anyone else. He has been questioned by some about why he came up small in the NLCS. I think we see an even more motivated Harper coupled with the incredible talent that he already possesses.

    MLB on Twitter: "It's Always Loud in Philadelphia. #Postseason / Twitter"

    It's Always Loud in Philadelphia. #Postseason

  • Aaron Nola Will Be a Finalist For CY Young

    Like Trea Turner, I think last season was a contract issue with Nola. Instead of playing under the pressure of a new contract, he was under the pressure of a contract season. Not only did he have that to deal with the contract situation, but he also had to deal with the new pitch clock which we ALL predicted would give him struggles.

    Once they figured out a better way for him to pitch out of the stretch with the pitch clock, his season turned around. Now that he knows he will be here for another 7 seasons, I think he goes into 2024 feeling loose. Once he strings together a couple of good starts early, a guy who historically pitches well in the warmer weather will be someone the Phillies can count on every 5th day.

    Rob Friedman on Twitter: "Aaron Nola, Filthy 79mph Knuckle Curve...and Sword. ⚔️ / Twitter"

    Aaron Nola, Filthy 79mph Knuckle Curve...and Sword. ⚔️

  • Ranger Suarez Will Win a Gold Glove

    We all know how talented he is when it comes to fielding his position. His biggest issue in his career has been is lack of availability or role. When Suarez first came up, there was questions of whether or not he was a reliever or a starter. Eventually, he earned a starter role, but then visa issues and health in Spring Training delayed his starts. This year, he will pitch enough innings to finally qualify and he will win a Gold Glove.

    NBC Sports Philadelphia on Twitter: "brb, launching a write-in campaign for Ranger Suarez to win a Gold Glove ✍ / Twitter"

    brb, launching a write-in campaign for Ranger Suarez to win a Gold Glove ✍

  • No Matter Who The Centerfielder Is, They Will Win

    I know I know, some of you can’t stand the fact that I think Johan Rojas should start the season in Triple-A. I just know you guys. If he is batting below .200 come May, you will start to complain and look for other options. But to all of your points, regardless of how he hits, or Pache, or Marsh, centerfield and the 9th spot in the order should not be the reason why the Phillies lose games. This lineup will come to play this season.

    97.5 The Fanatic on Twitter: ""I'll take our lineup one through nine over the Braves, [and] over the Dodgers." - Larry Bowa on the Phillies @975Middays / Twitter"

    "I'll take our lineup one through nine over the Braves, [and] over the Dodgers." - Larry Bowa on the Phillies @975Middays

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