PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 29: The Philadelphia Phillies celebrate after they won 4-3 against the Tampa Bay Rays during the continuation of game five of the 2008 MLB World Series on October 29, 2008 at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After Scott Rolen went on to the Phillies Wall of Fame, the Phillies are almost at the point where they are out of names from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Meaning we should be seeing the 2008 Phillies join that club soon.

There are still some names from those eras that will go on. And there are still guys from the Pre-World War 2 era who may be deserving, even if no modern fans will know who they are. But it is starting to be about that time that they will have to move on to putting guys in from the 2008 World Series team.  

Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley, two homegrown Phillies players
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)

It Is Time For The 2008 Phillies To Get Onto The Wall

There are already 4 names from that time on the Wall. Pat Burrell, Pat Gillick, Charlie Manuel, and Harry Kalas. But otherwise, they have been slow thus far to go into that well. They may not have a choice for very much longer though, unless they really stretch which players are Wall worthy. 

And if the number of people who have already made it onto the Wall of Fame from the 1980 team is any indication, there could be a lot of names from the 2008 team that will wind up on there. Once they go to that well, there may be enough players to last for the next decade of Wall of Fame ceremonies. Which is good, because there are not many names that came after that team that are deserving, so they are going to need to kill time before they can get to some of the modern guys. 

But which of those 2008 Phillies will end up on the wall? Some names are obvious. Others you don’t think of as Phillies legends, but have a very good chance to eventually make it based on the names already up on the wall.  

So let’s look at the chances to make the Wall of Fame for all the main guys from that 2008 Phillies:

  • Already On It

    As mentioned, Pat Burrell, Charlie Manuel, Harry Kalas, and Pat Gillick are already up on the wall. So that makes it 4. And you cant argue against any of them deserving the spot. Charlie is the winningest Manager in Phillies history. Pat Gillick oversaw the 2nd World Series in franchise history, Harry Kalas was the best sports broadcaster period,  and Pat Burrell is up there amongst the best Power Hitters in the history of the team.  

  • Jimmy Rollins- Lock

    Obviously, Jimmy Rollins is a lock. He is the best SS in team history, and should honestly be in the Hall of Fame. 470 steals, 231 HRs, 115 triples. He is one of just 4 players to ever hit 20+ homers, 20+ doubles, 20+ triples, and steal 20 bases in a single season. For me, he was always the best guy on that team.  

  • Ryan Howard- Lock

    His career started too late and ended too soon. But in that 5-year stretch from 2005 to 2009, there was no better power hitter in the world. Howard finished his career with the 2nd most HRs in Phillies history. He also won an MVP, won Rookie of the Year, and made 3 All-Star games. It is a shame that injuries ruined the end of his career. Because with how good he was, he should be a 500 HR guy and in the Hall of Fame.

  • Chase Utley- Lock

    The last of the trifecta. Jimmy, Ryan, and Chase. The Sabermetrics would tell you he was the best of the 3 too. His WAR, if you go by that stat, is the 5th best in team history. Personally, I still say Jimmy is better, but no one will argue that Chase isn’t also a legend. The Phillies may have to do something where all 3 of them go on in the same year because it would feel wrong to pick one over the others to go up first. Have one big ceremony celebrating all 3 of them.

  • Cole Hamels- Lock

    Being on teams with Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, people sometimes forget how great Cole Hamels was. But he is genuinely one of the best pitchers in team history. In 10 seasons with the Phillies, he has an ERA of 3.30. The one blotch on his time with the Phillies was that 2009 season. Every other year, he was an Ace, including 2008 when he was the World Series MVP.

  • Brad Lidge- Lock

    Brad Lidge’s time here was short. Just 4 seasons, and one of them, 2009, was awful. But honestly, even if 2008 was his only year here, he would be worthy. A perfect season is not easy to accomplish, but he did it. And yeah some of those saves weren’t so perfect, but he got it done with a Sub 2.0 Era. Then of course he got the save in the Final Game of the World Series to seal it for the Phillies. 

  • Carlos Ruiz- Probable

    Chooch was not always the best with a bat in his hands. He had his moments, but he was usually the last guy in the lineup. What makes him special is what he did as a catcher. If it was not for Yadier Molina having a Monopoly over Gold Gloves in the NL in that era, Ruiz would likely have a lot of them. He was a steady presence behind the plate for the Phillies for that whole run. 11 years as the Phillies catcher.

  • Shane Victorino- Probable

    The Flying Hawaiian. Equally beloved as he was at times frustrating. Shane won 3 Gold Gloves in Center with the Phillies, made two All-Star teams, and of course won a World Series in 8 seasons with the Phillies. He also hit .279, stole 179 bases, hit 88 HRs, and came just 2 hits shy of 1000 hits with the Phillies. Of course, he also has that legendary Grand Slam in the 2008 NLDS. He needs to go on the Wall at some point.

  • Jayson Werth- Probable

    Werth spent just 4 seasons with the Phillies and was only the full-time right Fielder in 3 of them. But he was one of the Phillies’ best hitters for those 3 seasons. He hit 99 doubles, and 95 HR with a .282 average. Fans were initially bitter when he understandably took a big paycheck from the Nationals, but that hatchet has since been buried and Werth is back to being a beloved figure in Philadelphia. And people never should have been upset with him taking the biggest contract anyway.


  • Ryan Madson- Maybe

    The case for Ryan Madson being on the Wall comes from someone who was just recently inducted. Ron Reed. Madson was the setup man for a World Series team, and so was Ron Reed. Reed spent 8 seasons here, and Madson spent 9. Reed was a bit better than Madson, but only a bit. And if Reed made it, Madson may one day as well. He just might have to wait almost 30 years like Reed did.

  • Tom Burgoyne- Maybe

    Most fans may not know this name. That’s because he goes by a different name when he is on the field. You may know him better if he was covered in green fur and had a snout. Tom is the Phantic, or as they like to put it, “a friend of the Phantic.” He has been a friend of the Phantic since 1994. So should he someday go onto the wall? Why not? He has nearly 30 years of service time and has become an inseparable part of what people think of when they picture the Phillies.

  • Chris Wheeler- Maybe

    Wheeler was right there next to Harry Kalas, who is already on the wall when Harry called the final out of the 2008 World Series. If Wheels went on, he would become the 3rd broadcaster to go onto the wall, but that is counting Richie Ashburn who was also a Hall of Fame Player. Wheeler has been involved with the team in some capacity since 1977. I could definitely see him going on for service time alone.

  • Joe Blanton- Maybe

    The fifth Ace from the Four Aces. Blanton was never a shutdown guy. But he ate innings, and as far as 5th starters go, he got the job done. But 5th starters don’t get on the Phillies Wall, at least not yet. The Phillies are more than willing to put mediocre hitters on the wall but have not extended that grace to pitchers just yet. The World Series HR may help his case though.

  • Matt Stairs- Unlikely

    Can one moment get you onto the Wall of Fame? Looking only at the numbers, Stairs does not deserve it. He was only ever a pinch hitter here after all. But he does have one of the greatest hits in team history. Every Phillies fan knows the words “Stairs Rips One Into the Night.”

  • Pedro Feliz- Unlikely

    The one guy in the lineup who may not make it is Pedro Feliz. His defense was great, but he was not much of a hitter. He also spent just 2 seasons here. His one saving grace is that he drove in the game-winning run in game 5 of the World Series. Is that enough to get him onto the Wall? You would think not, but it’s not impossible.  

  • Brett Myers- Unlikely

    We already talked about how mediocre Pitchers have not gotten the same grace mediocre hitters do when it comes to the Phillies Wall of Fame. And Brett Myers also has some personal baggage holding him back. But he was on the mound when they clinched the NL East in 2007. So it’s not impossible.

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