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Philadelphia 76ers’ Offseason: Big Decisions Need to be Made

So close. The Philadelphia 76ers were so close to beating the New York Knicks last night and keeping their season alive. But, now the Philadelphia 76ers' offseason has officially begun. It was such a valiant effort from the 76ers, and I'm proud to be a fan. But, now, the offseason is here, and the powers at be have big decisions to make. Philadelphia 76ers' Offseason The most striking thing going into the Philadelphia 76ers' offseason is the number of players who possibly won't be returning to the fold. According to stats from the NBA, only three players are guaranteed to be under contract and with the team for the 2024-25 season. Those players are Joel Embiid, Paul Reed and Jeff Dowtin. Everyone else is a question mark. Tobias Harris, Kelly Oubre Jr., Kyle Lowry, Buddy Hield, Cameron Payne and Tyrese Maxey are all set to be free agents. So, Philly management has to figure out which players they want to keep. Going into the Philadelphia 76ers' offseason, the 76ers are estimated to have $58.4 million in practical cap space, according to the NBA. So, unless they really do some crazy spending during the offseason, they should be able to stay within their means. Also, starting this offseason, there's a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA), which will limit what clubs over the second apron can do. Philadelphia currently has $110 million in space below the luxury tax. Looking at the players who could become free agents, I don't see the 76ers letting Maxey walk. He had an unbelievable game in Game 5 of the playoffs against the Knicks, and that's not forgotten. Looking at the other players, many of them talked about their future with the 76ers after Thursday's (May 2) loss. Payne said that he "absolutely" wants to stay with the Sixers. "I love Philly," Payne said via NbcSportsPhiladelphia.com. "I think Philly loves me. I like the vibes so far. Everybody's rocking with me here. I guess I kind of set a good tone here, made a good impression. Hopefully, I'll be back." Heild said, "I'm here now. Yeah, we didn't get things done how we wanted, but I'd like to be in Philly again." Most of the other players had similar sentiments. Even though the game was a loss and jumpstarted the Philadelphia 76ers' offseason, it was a win in spirit when it comes to the team's management. That's because 76ers' ownership group purchased more than 2,000 tickets for Game 6 against the New York Knicks and gave them to first responders, health care professionals, community groups and other local organizations. Knicks fans overwhelmed the last 76ers home game, so this was a way to prevent that from happening again, but it was also a really nice way to give back. I love it. I personally thought it was in poor taste for Knicks guard and forward Josh Hart to say this game was a tougher environment "than last time because there was 2,500 seats that were taken up," poking fun at the move. So, now, the Knicks will move on in the playoffs, and we wait for the Philadelphia 76ers' offseason fun to begin. [select-listicle listicle_id="260633" syndication_name="ranking-the-5-best-nba-uniforms-of-the-90s" description="no"]

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