Donovan McNabb recently voiced his opinions on Terrell Owens… don’t stop reading!  You are not reading something from 2004… or 2005… or 2006… no, this is indeed news in 2020.

Here is my response… WHO CARES!!! McNabb and Owens were a huge part of our lives in the 2004-05 season when the Eagles reached the Super Bowl for the first time in 24 years.

But 15 years since that Super Bowl loss to the Patriots, 14 years since Owens was on the Eagles, why do you even give this beef time anymore?

I love looking back at the good old days as much as the next sports fan, but we are in an era here in Philadelphia that is full of potential and REAL hopes of parades down Broad Street for each of the 4 major teams.

So when I see “McNabb” or “Owens” trending on Twitter, I am quick to look away, and I suggest you do the same because there are far better things to worry about or be excited for in this current era of Philadelphia sports.