ARLINGTON, TEXAS - DECEMBER 09: Darren Sproles #43 of the Philadelphia Eagles dives for a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth quarter at AT&T Stadium on December 09, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

For the past few years, especially since the Brids won Superbowl 52, many fans think the long time Eagles-Cowboys rivalry is not as passionate as it once was.  It was so bad years ago that at least one snow plow driver would purposely plow in any car displaying Cowboys logo. Shouts of “Dallas Sucks” seemed more common a decade or two ago.

So, this generations-long rivalry is not as strong as it once was….right?  Not so says the Sporting News.

This week the website published an article listing the NFL’s Best Rivalries of 2019.

So…on with the countdown!

#10 Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

# 9  Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers

#8  Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints

#7  Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

#6  Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

#5  New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs

#4  New Orleans Saints vs. Atlanta Falcons

#3  Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

#2  Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

….and coming in at NUMBER 1….The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Dallas Cowboys!

In 2018 the Eagles lost to the Cowboys on November 11th and December 9th.  This seasons games are coming up on October 20th and December 22nd.  The Birds are 3-4 in the last 7 games and 3 of those games have gone into overtime.  The Eagles and Cowboys are likely to lead the NFC East this season.   Lot’s of fuel to get this rivalry hot again!