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Musculoskeletal Care With Scott Schoifet, MD, Virtua Orthopedics And Spine

Andrew Salciunas from 97.5 The Fanatic's midday show speaks with Scott Schoifet, MD, Virtua Orthopedics and Spine. He is the Medical Director Of Musculoskeletal Care, Virtua Orthopedics And Spine. He and Andrew discuss what musculoskeletal care is, what to do if you have joint pain, and more. Virtua Musculoskeletal care is a highly specialized practice for people with pain, discomfort, and/or concerns about their bones, muscles, and tendons. This type of care focuses on all of the parts of the human body that keep us moving.  There are subsets in musculoskeletal care. For example, there's podiatry which specializes in feet. Or, there are non-operative sports doctors who take care of sports injuries. They all fall under the blanket of musculoskeletal care. What most people are familiar with are orthopedic surgeons. Whatever kind of bone or joint pain you have falls gets treated by musculoskeletal doctors and specialists. With such a wide variety of things they can take care of, Andrew and Dr. Schoifet have a lot to discuss. Some of the topics discussed include: What falls under the blanket of "musculoskeletal services"? If we were to have musculoskeletal pain, what should we do? Some ways that we can prevent pain in our joints What are some of the most common questions musculoskeletal doctors hear? What exactly causes sports injuries (like in football, for example)? Do you have to be a professional athlete to receive sports medicine care?   Find out more at

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