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The Mike Missanelli Show 10-19-18

It's a Football Friday, but that doesn't mean Mike is done talking about Markelle Fultz and the Sixers after their home opener win last night. Robert Covington joins the show to talk about the Sixers and like every Friday, Brian Westbrook joins Mike in studio for an hour.

The Mike Missanelli Show 10-18-18

The Markelle Fultz talk and Sixers talk in general has not died down on the day of their home opener. Mike talks a lot of Sixers basketball, specifically about Fultz. There is an Eagles game on Sunday to talk about too, so Mike sprinkles them in as well. Paul "Hembo" Hembekides from "Get Up", joins…

The Mike Missanelli Show 10-17-18

Mike is fired up ton a General Knowledge Wednesday following the Sixers blowout loss to the Celtics last night, and thinks that it's simply because the Celtics have a better team. Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas and ESPN's Stephen A Smith call in to talk basketball and the Sixers with Mike, and Tim McManus gives…