Best Of Gargano and Myrtetus Middays - 12/5/18 - 30 Minutes

Check out the best 30 minutes from Anthony and Jason today! It involves their thoughts on the Eagles, Sunday's game, and the big showdown between the Sixers and the Raptors tonight. Also, here the great Riled Up segment from earlier today 

Gargano and Myrtetus Middays 12/5/18

Sixers-Raptors tonight! Anthony and Jason are pumped up for the game and had a great time talking about it today. They also got into the latest news with Markelle Fultz and all of the Phillies rumors. Check out the full show that included a debate on whether or not the Eagles are an above average…

Gargano and Myrtetus Middays 12/4/18 - Post Eagles WIN over Redskins!

The Eagles kept their season alive with a win over the Redskins. They now look ahead to Sunday's game against the Cowboys in Dallas for first place of the NFC East. Check out today's show where Anthony and Jason reacted to the win and what they think about the huge game coming up! 

Best of Gargano and Myrtetus 12/4/18 - 30 Minutes

Here is the best of from today's Midday Show the day after the Eagles beat the Redskins! You can hear the initial reactions, why Jason thought fans were scared going into the game, and of course the Riled Up segment after a game is always great.