Gargano & Myrtetus Middays

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Anthony Gargano is Philly’s favorite ‘everyman.’ He brings on the passion, enthusiasm and the heart of every Philadelphia sports fan! Jason Myrtetus looks at Philly sports with a Gen X view – he’s sharp and cynical and brutally honest. Get it on demand!

Gargano and Myrtetus Middays 10/9/18

Awful news broke yesterday when the Adam Schefter reported that Jay Ajayi is done for the rest of the season. The Eagles offense was already hurting, this just makes things worse. So what should (or must) the Eagles do to better the team? Is Le'Veon Bell the answer? Or is it LeSean McCoy who Anthony…

Gargano and Myrtetus Middays

It was the debut show for Anthony Gargano and Jason Myrtetus during the Midday time slot! They discussed the AWFUL Eagles loss yesterday against the Vikings and tried looking at the big picture of the current team. Have we seen what the Eagles will be all year? Or will they eventually turn things around and…