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Jamie Lynch & Bob Cooney bring you up to speed on all the day's stories local and otherwise before Marc & Tra in the mornings!

Fanatic @ 5 w/ Jamie Lynch & Bob Cooney 1/15/2019

Jamie "The Bro" Lynch & Bob Cooney discussed the delayed dissapointment they are starting to feel from the Eagles loss to the Saints this past Sunday! Is it because it's just now hitting that the Eagles won't have this same roster next year? Or just because we have to wait 6 months for football talk?

Fanatic @ 5 w/ Jamie Lynch & Bob Cooney 1/10/2019

It's Thursday, which means only 3 mores days until Eagles playoff football! Sean Payton took $250k into his locker room yesterday to give the players some added incentive for the game, shoud that make us a tad bit nervous?  Also, Brett Brown sounded like a disspointed Dad after last nights game in Washington. What can…