PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Bryce Harper #3 and Trea Turner #7 of the Philadelphia Phillies react after defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates at Citizens Bank Park on September 26, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With the win, the Philadelphia Phillies clinched an NL Wild Card berth.

Earlier in the week, we looked at what members of the 2008 Phillies team will make it onto the Wall. We just saw Scott Rolen go don’t there, but they are running out of guys from before the 2007-2011 era, and will soon have to start getting to that World Series team. But now this current Phillies team clinched its second straight post-season berth. This time, in the top Wild Card spot, as opposed to the 3rd one last year. And that begs the question, could this current team one day send a ton of guys up onto the Wall of Fame?

Will Bryce Harper one day join the Phillies greats up on that wall? what about younger guys like Bryson Stott and Alec Bohm? Aaron Nola is not the most popular guy right now, but what is his case to be get the honor? This team has a ton of talent, and there may be more guys than people think with a strong case.

It is harder to project than the 2008 team. All of those are retired and their career here is over. We can look at the full picture. With the current guys, there needs to be some projecting. Some we already know are Wall of Fame-type guys. Others still have some work to do. But by the end of their careers, could they have prolific enough careers here to be worthy of the honor?

Obviously, if they go on to win the World Series, it would help a lot. But some of these guys have cases win or lose. So let’s go through some of the guys who either already are worthy of being on the Wall, or are well on their way to earning a spot there.

Here is the case for the current players to make it onto the Wall of Fame one day:

  • Bryce Harper- Already A Lock

    This one is already a lock. Harper has already won an MVP with the Phillies and still has time to win another. He already has a handful of iconic moments in a Phillies Jersey, including hitting the game-winning HR in Game 5 of the NLCS. Harper, when all is said and done, will be considered one of the best hitters in the history of the team. This moment alone is enough to earn him a spot up there amongst the other Phillies greats. 

  • Aaron Nola- Already a Lock

    Phillies fans aren’t all happy with Nola right now. His time with the Phillies has had its bumps. But just looking at the numbers, he is one of the best home-grown pitchers in team history. He has 5 200k seasons with the Phillies. Only Steve Carlton has more in franchise history. His career ERA here is 3.72. This is his 9th season with the team. Even if this is his last year here, and it ends on bad terms, he has already earned his spot on the Wall.  

    𝐃𝐚𝐧 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐡𝐞 on Twitter: "Aaron Nola hits the 200-strikeout mark for the 5th time. Steve Carlton (7) is the only pitcher in the 141-season history of the franchise to have more 200-K seasons. / Twitter"

    Aaron Nola hits the 200-strikeout mark for the 5th time. Steve Carlton (7) is the only pitcher in the 141-season history of the franchise to have more 200-K seasons.

  • JT Realmuto- Already a Lock

    JT Realmuto is already in the running for best Catcher in Phillies history, at least numbers-wise. He is knocking on the door of 100 HRs, in just his 5th season here, despite one of those seasons being cut to 60 games by Covid. He is an Ace behind the plate and is one of the toughest guys to steal on in the league. Also, if Mike Lieberthal is on the Wall, JT Realmuto is a lock to be on it one day too.  

  • Zack Wheeler- Already a Lock

    This is Wheeler’s 4th year with the Phillies. His ERA with the team is 3.07. He had a Sub 3.0 ERA in 3 of the 4 seasons. He pitched great in the playoffs. And he has one more year left here, at least. Not many guys have pitched as well for the Phillies over a 5-year stretch as Wheeler has. Wheeler should easily end up on the Wall of Fame someday. If he has another great postseason run or wins, it will be even more of a lock.  


  • Trea Turner- On Way To Earning A Spot

    Turner has been here for just 1 year, so you can’t say he is already a Wall of Fame player. But he has 10 more seasons here and is a very good player. He is going to put up the numbers, and then some, to be a Wall of Fame player. He might have 200 HRs and 200 Steals with the Phillies. Usually, when guys play here that long, they go on even without elite production. Plus he has had a moment that connects him and Phillies fans for forever, that Standing Ovation.  

  • Kyle Schwarber- On Way To Earning A Spot

    In just 2 seasons, Schwarber has 91 HRs for the Phillies, not counting the 6 he hit in the playoffs. He has two more seasons here. There is a good chance he hits over 200 total Hrs with the team. That would make him a lock for the wall. If he helps the Phillies win a World Series on top of that, he is 100% going onto the wall.  

  • Bryson Stott- Out to a Good Start

    Stott is still too young to know for sure. But if he keeps playing like this, he is a great candidate to go onto the Wall of Fame. He is homegrown, which helps. But he is also a hit machine. And he is absolutely going to get some Gold Gloves before all is said and done. If they win this year, he becomes a lock. But even if they never win with him, he may have a good enough career to go onto the wall regardless.  

  • Alec Bohm- Out to a Good Start

    Everything said about Stott, apart from the Gold Glove, also applies to Bohm. He really came into his own this season, even adding some pop to his game. Not to mention he is one of the most clutch hitters we have ever seen. Apart from Harper, he may be the next guy I want up in a big situation where you need a hit.  

  • Ranger Suarez- Out to a Good Start

    Ranger has been sneaky good with the Phillies. Jayson Stark once gave us the numbers, and he is among the best Lefties in baseball since he moved into the starting rotation. And we saw how well he pitched in the playoffs last year. Another playoff performance like that, with maybe a better ending, Ranger could absolutely go onto the Wall one day. He is behind a lot of other guys on this team. But there are guys from the 80s still getting onto the Wall, so Ranger could get on one day. 

  • Nick Castellanos- Maybe

    His first year here was terrible. His second year has been great. If we get more of this over the next 3 seasons, he can make it onto the Wall. If he is closer to what he was in 2022, maybe. But if they go on to win while he is here, he will, like most of these guys, become a lock. Castellanos might hit 30 HRs this season, needs just one more. Most guys with 30 HR seasons eventually end up on the wall.  

  • Brandon Marsh- Maybe

    It is hard to see him going on if he is only ever a platoon player. And he may not even be that for long, with Johan Rojas already here, and Justin Crawford rising through the farm system. Eventually, there will be a decision made, it’s unlikely all 3 of them can be on the team. But Marsh has made a name for himself here and had a great season. If they win with him in Left, or he plays well enough to keep his job, he can make it onto the wall.  

  • Johan Rojas- Maybe

    He has not even played a full season yet. But like Garry Maddox, “The Secretary of Defense”, Rojas is so good in Center Field he could have that job for a long time. And even if he never becomes great at the plate, he could make it onto the wall just for what he did in the field. The thing is, he has also been pretty good at the plate. It was his walk-off single that sent the Phillies to the Playoffs. 

  • Jose Alvarado- Maybe

    There are only a few relief pitchers currently on the wall. Tug McGraw and Ron Reed. Both won a World Series here. Brad Lidge will one day join them. Alvarado is good enough to go onto the wall. But he may have to win a World Series here to get there. If Alvarado gets the final strikeout to win the World Series though, like Lidge and McGraw both did, he becomes a lock.  

  • Tom McCarthy- Maybe

    As of now, Harry Kalas is the only full-time broadcaster on the Wall. Richie Ashburn is also on there, but he would have been put on the Wall even if he never joined the booth. Tom McCarthy is an interesting one though. He has been here since Harry left and has become a fantastic broadcaster. If he sticks around long enough though, you could see him going up there one day.

  • Craig Kimbrel- Unlikely

    It is hard for a one-and-done guy to get onto the wall. The only way that happens, is if Kimbrel is lights out in the playoffs, and gets the series-winning save in the World Series. If he comes back next season, the chances go up. But he has not been good enough so far this season to justify a spot on the wall.  

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