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The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

AJ Brown celebrating a TD

For all the complaining and worrying we have done about the Eagles this year, they are now alone atop the NFC heading into week 8. They took care of their business in week 7, while both the Niners and Lions lost. In the 49ers’ case, it is their second loss in a row. So at 6-1, the Eagles currently have the best record in the NFC. They are also tied for the best record in the NFL.

The Eagles are coming off their most impressive win of the season. Their defense held the number one offense in the league to just one TD. The Dolphins scored 17 points, but 10 came off turnovers. One literally on a pick 6, and another after a fumble that started the Dolphins in field goal range. The Tyreek Hill TD on their final drive of the first half was the one time the defense let the Dolphins get the best of them. And on the back of that great performance, they just added All-Pro Safety Kevin Byard to the mix. Instantly filling their biggest hole with the best player available.

And the offense looked mostly good too, apart from the two turnovers. The Dolphins defense is nothing too special, but they still hung 31 points on them. And apart from the first drive of the game, they finally looked good in the Red Zone, scoring a TD on 4 of 6 trips. Yes, the turnovers have become a concerning trend, but otherwise, the Eagles are in the top 5 of both yards and points per game.

But is that all enough for them finally to get some respect? Or are the National Media types around the NFL still putting the Eagles down because of their slowish start?

Let’s take a look around the NFL, to see where the Eagles are in the Power Rankings Heading Into Week 8:

  • ESPN- 2 (Previously- 4)

    “Carter, 22, has made a strong case for Rookie Defensive Player of the Year to this point. He has generated 27 pressures to go with 3.5 sacks. His constant disruption up front has forced the opposition to give him extra attention. Carter has been double-teamed on 51.7% of his snaps and has the third-most pressures (8) when double-teamed, per NFL Next Gen stats.” 

    There was a lot of concern that the Eagles would miss Javon Hargrave. But while Hargrave has still been great with the Niners, Carter has filled that hole. He has not only been great as a pass rusher but maybe even better against the run. Last year the Eagles got after the QB at a historical rate, but at times struggled against the run. This year, they are still getting after the QB, but are also the best run defense in the league. They just shut down Breece Hall and Raheem Mostert two weeks in a row.

    ESPN Power Rankings

  • The Athletic- 2 (Previously 4)

    “There’s a growing sentiment that the NFL’s competition committee is going to ban the play in the offseason, but why? What is more of a football play than your big guys pushing their big guys back a yard, or two or three in the Eagles’ case? There should be a benefit to getting to third- and fourth-and-short plays.”

    Thank you. Finally, some sense. The people whining and crying about the Tush Push have no good reason for why it should be banned. We have seen it is not an unstoppable play when other teams run it. The Vikings botched it in the Red Zone on Monday Night. You don’t ban plays just because one team is really good at it.

    NFL on Twitter: ".@fred_warner timed this perfectly 👏📺: #SFvsMIN on ESPN/ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus / Twitter"

    @fred_warner timed this perfectly 👏📺: #SFvsMIN on ESPN/ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus

    The Athletic’s Power Rankings

  • Yahoo Sports- 2 (Previously- 4)

    “What mind control does general manager Howie Roseman have over the rest of the NFL? The Titans traded safety Kevin Byard, a former first-team All-Pro, for safety Terrell Edmunds and a couple of late-round draft picks. Byard is just 30 and not done as an elite player. What a steal for the Eagles. Again.”

    Last year it was the mid-season signings of Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh to fix the Eagles’ run defense. In 2017 it was the Jay Ajayi trade. Howie can always be counted on for midseason moves to fix the team’s biggest issue. And now he has done it again by getting an Elite NFL steal for two day 3 picks and the guy they may have cut to make room for him anyway. Thank you, Howie.

    Yahoo Sports Power Rankings

  • Sports Illustrated -1 (Previously 3)

    “The beauty of having someone like A.J. Brown on your roster is that, like a physical running back, he is challenging the secondary with each catch. There is such effort devoted to keeping the ball out of his hands, and that strain is only multiplied when Brown has the ball and is barreling his way forward. Sunday’s win was a good reminder of just how deep the Eagles roster is.”

    Brown was great last year. This year he is somehow even better. 5 straight games now with at least 125 yards by him. He is right up there with Tyreek Hill as one of the elite WRs in the league.

    Sports Illustrated- 1 (Previously 3)

  • Pro Football Talk- 2 (Previously 5)

    “They could QB push their way to the Super Bowl, again.”

    At least for once, Mike Florio is being positive when he puts zero effort into his power rankings. It’s better than him taking some random imprecise shot at them like he usually does with his one sentence. The pun is lame though.

    NFL on Twitter: "Ol' reliable📺: #MIAvsPHI on NBC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus / Twitter"

    Ol' reliable📺: #MIAvsPHI on NBC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus

    Pro Football Talk’s Power Rankings

  • USA Today -2 (Previously 4)

    “Going back to the 2022 season, Philadelphia is 41-for-44 (93.2%) when using the “Brotherly Shove” while needing 1 yard to convert a first down. “Every first down, it’s first-and-9,” HC Nick Sirianni said Sunday night after Philly went 4-for-4 on the “Tush Push” against Miami.”

    If everybody could do it, everybody would. It’s not unfair, the Eagles are just good at it. Is it unfair that the Dolphins are so good at getting the ball to Tyreek Hill for deep shots? Was it unfair when Darrelle Revis was pretty much a lock to shut down the opposing WR? No? So why is it unfair that the Eagles have an elite Center and QB combo who can run the play without fail?

    ESPN on Twitter: ""If everybody could do it, everybody would do it." - Nick Sirianni on the Eagles' 'Brotherly Shove' / Twitter"

    "If everybody could do it, everybody would do it." - Nick Sirianni on the Eagles' 'Brotherly Shove'

    USA Today’s Power Rankings

  • Bleacher Report-1 (Previously 3)

    “The Eagles defense put the clamps on the NFL’s top-ranked offense Sunday night. The Dolphins had negative-seven rushing yards in the first half—their fewest in a half since 2009. Miami managed just 244 yards of total offense—less than half its season average. It scored just one offensive touchdown.”

    Is this defense actually really good? There were valid concerns early on. But now with the addition of Kevin Byard, they have an elite D-Line and a damn good secondary. In 4 of the last 5 games, they held the opposing team under 300 total yards. Sean Desai deserves endless credit for the job he has done. He is an upgrade over Jonathan Gannon.

    PFF on Twitter: "The new-look Eagles defense 🦅 / Twitter"

    The new-look Eagles defense 🦅

    Bleacher Report’s Power Rankings

  • CBS Sports- 2 (Previously 5)

    “The defense came up big against a good Miami offense Sunday night. That’s a good sign going forward. Jalen Hurts still doesn’t look all the way right, but he’s close.”

    Yeah Hurts has not been as perfect as he was last year. And the turnovers have been a major issue the last two weeks. But he is also throwing much better. And even in that Jets game, he was making some incredible plays before his awful mistake that cost them the game. So there is no need to hit the panic button yet.

    NFL on Twitter: "JALEN HURTS WHAT A PLAY📺: #MIAvsPHI on NBC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus / Twitter"

    JALEN HURTS WHAT A PLAY📺: #MIAvsPHI on NBC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus

    CBS Sports Power Rankings

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