The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

The Best Show Ever?: Weekdays 2pm – 6pm

TAMPA, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 25: D'Andre Swift #0 of the Philadelphia Eagles rushes during the first quarter against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on September 25, 2023 in Tampa, Florida.

In week 1, it was pretty ugly all around for the Eagles, but they pulled out a win. Then in Week 2 the run game and the pass rush got going, but the passing game and secondary continued to struggle, but they still won. Now in week 3, the Eagles played their best game yet. A 25-11 win over the Bucs, where the Bucs were never really in the game. And the Eagles are 1 of just 3 teams still undefeated going into week 4.

It was not all pretty. A few drives stalled in the Red Zone, and Jalen Hurts threw a couple of picks. But the defense played by far its best game yet, and the passing game finally got going. The Eagles have steadily improved every single week. They aren’t at their best yet, and there are still things to work on. But despite the issues, they are 3-0. The fact that they are undefeated, without playing at their best, is a good thing. Because it means there is still room to grow and to be even better.

But is that what the National Media thinks? Or are they down on the Eagles because they are not quite at their best yet? The Week 4 Power Rankings are out. Are the Eagles getting the respect they deserve as an undefeated team? Or are they getting dissed in favor of the shiny new toys on the shelf?

Let’s take a look around the NFL to see what these National Outlets think of our Eagles, and where they place them among the Leagues elite teams, while we head into Week 4.

Here is the Round-Up of where the Eagles fall in the Week 4 Power Rankings:

  • NFL Network- 4 (Previously- 3)

    “The offensive advances were clear, but even with two beefy, productive outings, better is entirely possible. The pass protection was improved against the Bucs, and A.J. Brown clearly thrived in a featured role, if there was ever a worry there.”

    The Eagles offense has looked better every week. Week 1 was a slog. Week 2 the running game took off, but the passing game still struggled. Last night the running game looked just as good, and the passing game looked the best it has all season. As long as they keep improving, there is nothing to worry about.

    NFL Network’s Power Rankings

  • ESPN- 3 (Previously 3) 

    “The Eagles entered their Week 3 matchup against the Bucs ranked 27th in passing yards per game (162.5). Defenses have often been dropping eight players into coverage while keeping safeties back to force Jalen Hurts into mostly short passes. While Hurts has been pretty efficient, he and the coaches need to figure out how to get a talented group of skill position players into more advantageous situations.”  

    Yeah, we will eventually have to see more. But as I already said, as long as they keep improving. I don’t mind too much. And eventually, teams will have to stop dropping so many guys back and stack the box, because right now the Eagles are dominating on the ground.  

    ESPN’s Power Rankings

  • CBS Sports- 2 (Previously 2)

    “The Eagles team we saw in Tampa is the team we expected to see this season. The defense was dominant. They are back.”

    You can’t run on this Eagles defense. The DT rotation of Jalen Carter, Fletcher Cox, Jordan Davis, Marlon Tuipulotu, and Milton Williams is as good as it gets. And the linebackers and Safeties, like the offense, are improving. Reed Blankenship, apart from one bad missed tackle, played fantastic last night, and Josh Jobe is mostly holding up despite his inexperience.

    CBS Sports Power Power Rankings

    NFL on Twitter: "Eagles tackle White in the end zone for the safety!📺: #PHIvsTB on ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus / Twitter"

    Eagles tackle White in the end zone for the safety!📺: #PHIvsTB on ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus

  • The Athletic- 4 (Previously 3)

    “Hurts’ passing efficiency hasn’t been as good as it was last season. In 2022, he was 10th in the league in offensive EPA per dropback (.09). Through three games this season, he’s 22nd (minus-.10).” 

    He looked better this week. The two interceptions aside, he was far more efficient than he was in weeks 1 and 2. Yes, he has not been as good as he was last year yet. But he has also gotten better every week.  

    The Athletic’s Power Rankings

  • Pro Football Talk- 4 (Previously 4) 

    “The Eagles should have been wearing one of those Honolulu blue ski masks when stealing D’Andre Swift from the Lions.” 

    I loved the Swift move at the time. But it has been so much better than even I thought it would. He is the perfect back for this blocking scheme. Did you notice how on many runs, he will just hide behind Jason Kelce, and follow him down the field until there is room for him to break out? More impressive than his explosiveness, is how smart of a runner Swift is. Thank you Lions.  

    Pro Football Talk’s Power Rankings

  • Bleacher Report- 3 (Previously- 3) 

    “After disposing of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles are 3-0 and in sole possession of first place in the NFC East—and a pretty compelling argument can be made that the Eagles haven’t come close to playing a complete game yet this season.” 

    They are 3-0, despite not playing their best. They can be even better. And there is good reason to think they will be better. I am creating a good drinking game here where you take a shot every time I write they have improved every week, but I will keep saying it because it is true. 

    Bleacher Report’s Power Rankings

  • Yahoo Sports- 2 (Previously 2) 

    “A.J. Brown had his sideline argument with Jalen Hurts in Week 2. You knew he was going to get the ball a ton in Week 3. Brown had nine catches for 131 yards in an easy win over the Buccaneers. He has plenty more big games coming.” 

    AJ Brown finally broke out in week 3. We have now seen both Smith and Brown have good games separate from each other. All that is left is to see them both go off in the same game.  

    Yahoo Sport’s Power Rankings

    Bleacher Report on Twitter: "Eagles duo tonight 🦅D'Andre Swift: 16 Carries, 130 YDSA.J. Brown: 9 Rec, 131 YDSPhilly is 3-0 🔥 / Twitter"

    Eagles duo tonight 🦅D'Andre Swift: 16 Carries, 130 YDSA.J. Brown: 9 Rec, 131 YDSPhilly is 3-0 🔥

  • USA Today- 3 (Previously 3) 

     “They’ve got a Kelce (Jason) and a Pennsylvania-born Swift (D’Andre) joining forces, yet it feels like the reigning NFC champs are a bit under the radar, even at 3-0. Shake it off, boys. This could still be an – enchanted? – season once you start firing on all cylinders.” 

    Despite being reigning NFC Champions, and being undefeated, the Eagles are a bit under the radar, as the USA Today writer points out. All the hype has been on the Niners, Cowboys, and Dolphins so far. But as long as the Eagles are winning, who cares about style points?  

    USA Today’s Power Rankings


  • Sports Illustrated- 5 (Previously 4) 

    “The last two weeks, this running game has looked beyond vicious. At some point, a team will disallow D’Andre Swift from gaining almost 10 yards per carry, but until then, there is really no reason for the Eagles to abandon the tank-sized clearings they are making at the beginning of each snap.” 

    The Eagles stay undefeated and play their best game yet, and you drop them? In favor of a team that lost to Zach Wilson and the Jets in week 1? I get the Bills looked great vs. the Raiders and Bills. But having them over the Eagles is ridiculous.  

    Sports Illustrated Power Rankings

  • Pro Football Network- 4 (Previously 3)

    “Jalen Hurts and the Eagles passing attack finally found their form in Week 3. His interception late in the first half was a throw he’ll want back, but the shot he took deep was a calculated risk that just barely had too much loft to reach its destination in time.” 

    I can’t be too mad about either pick. I don’t know if the first one was on him or Swift, they were clearly on different pages. The second one had a bit too much loft, but it was also a crazy play by the DB.  

    NFL on Twitter: "Devin White picks off Hurts!📺: #PHIvsTB on ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus / Twitter"

    Devin White picks off Hurts!📺: #PHIvsTB on ABC📱: Stream on #NFLPlus

  • 97.5 The Fanatic -1 (Previously 1)

    “They’re still rolling with the most talented roster in the NFL. Why doesn’t the slow start in the passing game knock them out of the top spot? Imagine when this passing attack does (inevitably) improve.”

    Exactly. Instead of pointing out that the Eagle’s passing attack has been a bit shaky, people should be worried about what will happen if and when the Eagles figure it out.

    NFL Week 4 Power Rankings 2023
  • Overview

    Average Ranking- 2.8

    Risers- 0

    Fallers- 4

    The Eagles’ average ranking was 2.8. 4 outlets dropped them in their rankings, despite them playing their best game yet. None moved them up, because even though every outlet moved the Cowboys down below them, most outlets also had the Dolphins jumping them. 3 behind the Dolphins and 49ers makes some sense, given how all 3 teams have played this year. What makes no sense are the sites that have the Chiefs or Bills ahead of the Eagles.

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