Its interesting to look back and see what interviews were the highest downloaded from the year. It was a busy year after all. Sports was back, Doug Pederson was fired. Sirianni was hired. Wentz was traded. The Sixers looked poised to make a run….until they didnt. The Eagles have made a playoff run, and the Flyers….are playing Flyers hockey. So lets take a look at the top 10 most popular interviews

  • 10) Brian Westbrook Discusses The Eagles Week 1 Win

    The Eagles went down to Atlanta in week 1 and shocked A LOT of people. Brian Westbrook, who joins Mike Missanelli every week, discussed the big win after week 1

  • 9) Brian Westbrook Discusses Doug Pederson Getting Fired

    We start the list off with back to back B-West interviews. Doug Pederson getting let go was a big story in 2021 and here was Brian Westbrook’s immediate thoughts

  • 8) John Kincade and Mike Missanelli Argue Booing Ben Simmons

    Believe it or not, at one point in 2021 we actually thought Ben Simmons might suit up for the Sixers….we were young and naive. John Kincade called into the Mike Missanelli show and debated weather or not it was right for the Sixers fans to boo Ben if he were to return


  • 7) Tim McManus Discusses What Nick Sirianni's Hiring Means For Carson Wentz

    Was the hiring of Nick Sirianni meant to appease Carson Wentz? Tim McManus called Mike Missanelli right after the hire and discussed if Sirianni could convince Wentz to stay (he couldnt.)

  • 6) Adam Schefter Breaks Down The Carson Wentz Trade

    As soon as it happened, ESPN’s Adam Schefter made the time to talk to the John Kincade Show about the Carson Wentz trade. What led to it, and what it meant for the Eagles future.

  • 5) Charles Barkley Discusses The Ben Simmons Passed Up Dunk

    We got Charles Barkley’s immediate reaction to Ben Simmons passing up a dunk and the Sixers losing to the Hawks.

  • 4) Tim McManus Discusses Doug Pederson Getting Fired

    When Doug Pederson was fired, we were all over it. We got the man that covers the Eagles for ESPN Tim McManus to join Mike Missanelli and discussed what led to the divorce

  • 3) Sal Pal Talks Eagles Tanking In Week 17

    Remember when the Eagles tanked in the last week of the 2020 season in order to secure a better draft pick? Yea, it was awesome. Well ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio was outraged! So outraged he thought the league should look into it. He called up Mike Missanelli to “clarify” that hot take.

  • 2) Daryl Morey Discussed The Ben Simmons Situation

    The Ben Simmons situation is still, unfortunately, going on. But when the season was starting Sixers president Daryl Morey joined Mike Missanelli and discussed the teams philosophy with Ben and how they planned to handle it.

  • 1) Charles Barkley Day!

    Charles Barkley. Mike Missanelli. 4 Hours!