The Best Show Ever?

The Best Show Ever?

2pm - 6pm

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS - APRIL 25: Trae Young #11 of the Atlanta Hawks shoots the ball against Robert Williams III #44 of the Boston Celtics during the fourth quarter in game five of the Eastern Conference First Round Playoffs at TD Garden on April 25, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Hawks did us all a favor. They beat the Celtics in game 5, in Boston. Meaning not only do the Celtics have to play another game, but the start of the  Sixers’ round 2 series got pushed back. It was looking like the Celtics would take it. They led by 12 with about 5 minutes left. But then Trae Young took over, scoring 14 points in under 5 minutes, including the game-winning 3 from 30 feet to take the lead and give the Hawks a win.

If the Celtics had finished the series, the series would have started on Saturday. Instead, they choked what should have been a win at home away. Now? Sixers vs Celtics, or vs the Hawks if they keep winning, won’t start until Monday. Another couple of days the Sixers get to rest. More time for Joel Embiid to heal his injured knee. And for the rest of us, we now get a Saturday without the stress of a game vs the Celtics.

Not that we aren’t looking forward to that series. But it will not be one that is good for our blood pressure. Having one more Saturday, where we can just enjoy ourselves and not be nervous about how the series will go, is probably what is best for all of our mental health.

So what can we do this Saturday instead of getting mentally prepared to watch a game vs the Celtics? Luckily, this weekend is jam-packed with other things for us to enjoy. Playoff Hockey, playoff Basketball, Phillies games, the Draft, and more. Boston fans have to keep stressing about a Round 1 series. Philly fans? We get to enjoy this weekend stress-free.

Here are some of the things we can focus on this weekend now that the Hawks forced a game 6:

  • Enjoy The Draft

    Last year at draft time the Sixers were still in a round 1 series. It was our time that was starting to blow a big lead over the Raptors. After starting 3-0, they dropped two straight games, to force a game 6 in Toronto. The Sixers won that game 6. But it distracted me from being able just to sit down and enjoy the draft.

    This year, it is the Boston fans who have to worry about a game 6 Thursday night. But we don’t have to. The Eagles have two picks Thursday night, and we can put all of our focus on that. Similarly, we can enjoy Friday night, and Saturday’s rounds too. Patriots fans won’t have that same luxury.

    We Simulated the Eagles Draft 1000 Times, Here are the Results
  • Watch the Rest of the NBA Playoffs

    The Sixers took care of business. Some of the other top seeds have not been so lucky. The Kings and Warriors are locked in a tough battle. Tied up 2-2. The Grizzlies and Bucks are on the verge of being upset. Which sucks for them, but it is great for us. Those fans all have to worry about being possibly eliminated. But in Philly, we can sit back, kick our feet up, and enjoy stress-free NBA Basketball.

    Here are all the games that could take place this weekend:

    Wednesday 4/26

    • Knicks @ Cavs- Game 5- Knicks lead 3-1
    • Lakers @ Grizzlies- Game 5- Lakers lead 3-1
    • Heat @ Bucks- Game 5- Heat Lead 3-1
    • Warriors @ Kings- Game 5- Series tied 2-2

    Thursday 4/27

    • Celtics @ Hawks- Game 6- Celtics lead 3-2 (Go Hawks)
    • No Janet Jackson Concert in Atlanta because the Hawks apparently suck at scheduling stuff

    Friday 4/28

    • Grizzlies @ Lakers- Game 6 if needed
    • Kings @Warriors- Game 6
    • Bucks @ Heat- Game 6 if needed
    • Cavs @ Knicks- Game 6 if needed

    Saturday 4/29

    • Suns @ Nuggets- Game 1
    • Hawks @ Celtics- Game 7 if needed

    Sunday 4/30

    • Grizzlies @ Lakers- Game 7 if needed
    • Kings @Warriors- Game 7 if needed
    • Bucks @ Heat- Game 7 if needed
    • Cavs @ Knicks- Game 7 if needed


  • Enjoy the Stanley Cup Playoffs

    The Flyers suck, so the Stanley Cup Playoffs were already stress-free for us. That is starting to become a pattern. But with no Sixers on this weekend, it gives us the team to watch all the teams who don’t suck compete for the Stanley Cup. Playoff Hockey is something special. This season has not disappointed in the first round. It sure would be nice to get to see it return to our city. Here are the games you can watch this weekend.

    Wednesday 4/26

    • Panthers @ Bruins game 5- Bruins lead 3-1
    • Kraken @ Avalanche- Game 5- Series tied 2-2

    Thursday 4/27

    • Lightning @ Maple Leafs- Game 5- Maple Leafs lead 3-1
    • Rangers @ Devils- Game 5- Series tied 2-2
    • Jets @ Golden Knights- Game 5- Knights lead 3-1

    Friday 4/28

    • Bruins @ Panthers- Game 6 if needed
    • Hurricanes @ Islanders- Game 6- Canes lead 3-2
    • Stars @ Wild- Game 6- Stars lead 3-2
    • Avalanche @ Kraken – Game 6

    Saturday 4/29

    • Oilers @ Kings- Game 6- Oilers lead series 3-2
    • Golden Knights @ Jets- Game 6 if needed
    • Maple Leafs @ Lightning- Game 6 if needed
    • Devils @ Rangers- Game 6

    Sunday 4/30

    • Panthers @ Bruins- Game 7 if needed
    • Islanders @ Canes- Game 7 if needed
    • Kraken @ Avalanche- Game 7 if needed
    • Wild @ Stars- Game 7 if needed
  • Watch The World Series Rematch Between the Phillies and Astros

    The Astros broke all of our hearts back in November. It obviously won’t equate to winning the World Series, but the Phillies have a chance to get some payback this weekend. This may get in the way of the weekend being stress-free. Because early on the Phillies have certainly not fit that definition. But they have been playing better lately, and it should be a fun series between two very talented teams.

    • Fri- 4/28- @ 8:10 on Apple TV +
    • Sat- 4/29- @ 5:10 on NBC Sports Philly
    • Sun- 4/30- @ 7:00 on ESPN


  • Watch The Union in the CONCACAF Semi-Finals Tonight

    It’s not over the weekend. But the Union are taking part in the CONCACAF Champions League right now. Tonight the semifinals takes place. Union vs LAFC. Another chance for one of our teams to get revenge on the team that beat them in the championship game. LAFC gave the Union a heartbreaking loss in the MLS Cup back in November. On the same day, the Astros eliminated the Phillies. Now the two teams meet again, this time in Philly. The two teams will also meet next Tuesday in LA for the second leg of the Semi-Finals Matchup.

    Because it is not an MLS game, the games will unfortunately not be aired on 97.5 The Fanatic. But you can catch them on FS1. It’s a 5 sport city now, and we should support our Soccer team when they are on the verge of winning something important.

  • Go see a Movie

    Maybe with the Sixers not playing, you want to take a short break from Sports one of these days. We can do that now on Saturday now that we know the Sixers won’t be playing. It seems right that after the Celtics have to watch in horror as their team blew a 12-point lead, we would go and see a horror movie too. The new Evil Dead is out this weekend. You probably knew that because the trailer for it plays in what feels like every single commercial break of these NBA playoff games.


  • Quickly Read Up On Every Player the Eagles Draft So We Can Pretend We Know Who the Late Round Picks Are

    Once the draft is over, it does not mean the draft content is over. Every true Eagles fan needs to be able to go to the office on Monday and people able to pretend exactly who the guy the Eagles drafted on Day 3 is. So maybe spend Saturday reading all about whatever WR from Wichita State, or whoever else they may take, is. We have time to do that now that there won’t be a Sixers game we need to be locked into on Saturday night. And Ill be posting articles over the weekend on this site after they make those day 3 picks pretending like I knew exactly who they were too. So you can even stay on this website to get the scoop on the late-round picks and Undrafted Free Agents.

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